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Saturday, May 30, 2009

::: Al-Fatihah :::

have you ever heard of "pull the plug" terms?i'm sure those who admires medical tv series have heard that...never ever cross to my mind that i will be facing such decide whether a person should live or die...on 15/5/09 My very dearest grandmother had passed was a very shocked news to us as she was admitted to the hospitals for a minor surgery...after the surgery my grandmother was fine and was given potassium shot which is a mineral to help the kidney and heart function normally...but after few hours she collapse and NONE of the doctor or nurses realize it until one of my uncle came to visit and found out...when he called for help, THEN ONLY the nurses and doctor take action by giving her CPR...but it was too late..her heart have stopped for almost half hour and her brain was damaged due to lacked of oxigen...even though after that her heart continue to beat, she have to depends on the life support machine...that night she was sent to ICU and i accompanied her in case she wakes up...but, the next morning the doctor there explained to us that the potassium dosage is high for her condition and her heart cannot take it...the doctor said that she wont wake up anymore...medically, she's gone...what we really regret is the doctors giving her CPR didnt even explain to us about her conditions...its the doctor in ICU did...she said we only have 2 options...if we let her in the hospital, they will push her to normal wards and pull the plug and they will let her die eventually or we bring her home and pull the was my father's and his siblings decision but at this point i wonder, how do we know when is her ajal...what should we do...we know that after pull the plug she only have about 1 hour to breath by herself...we then decide to bring her home that evening coz it is her wish to die at 9.20pm the ambulance came and they place my grandmother at her bed...All of our family was there and we whisper kalimah Allah to her ear...i still can remember her face...i was by her 1025pm, she passed away...the next morning we manage the service and after zohor, arwah selamat dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan keramat...Alhamdulillah, senang menguruskan jenazah arwah...hari yang panas tiba2 redup...jemaah yang ramai di masjid sama2 solat untuk arwah...
Ya Allah, cucurkanlah rahmatMu ke atas arwah Jaiton Binti Yusuf, tempatkanlah dia di kalangan jemaahMu yang