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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a very short one. yeke?

cant blog long entry.
too busy.
ariana dah ok.
no more jealousy.
just manja giler2.
mikhail on the other hand.
are growing tremendously.
i just had to post his pic.
but not today. laterla. no time upload.
last few weeks
cikgu admitted 3 days due to kidney stone.
no surgery needed. Alhamdulillah.
my sister, zana finally get hitched.
manage to selit seekor kambing for mikhail's aqiqah in d morning of her engagement day.
and another kambing the next day when my dad buat farewell n kenduri doa selamat
for my other sister, emilda who are going to egypt to further study in dentistry.
(she just depart last nite. sobs)
ariana will be in school already when she gets back.
i was having high fever last week.
i suspect it was due to breast engorgement
and very cold aircond in my office.
some say it's like bentan.
eh, dapat gak bercerita panjang.
even in short version.
unlike me.
tapi takpe.
as long sampai maksud.
eh, dah panjang nih.
keje belum siap lagi.

Monday, September 3, 2012

back to work

i have been back to work since last monday. ngam2 a week after raya. pandai tak aku bajet? hehe. and i have been trying to adjust my new routine with 2 kids ever since. the results? i only work 2 days last week and the rest are mc and public holiday. migrain terus i tell you. i think cikgu have to reschedule his tuition class so that he would be around more at night. taklehla nak handle 2 kids on my own eventhough sorang tuh cuma terbaring jer. ariana can't be left alone with her little brother. dia jenis bergurau kasar. sometimes kesian dia kena marah padahal budak tuh nak main dengan adik jer. tapi kalau tak marah, mau adik kena hantuk dengan jendul dia tuh. and i am rushing home from work everyday just so that i could take bath and pray before cikgu go to his tuition class. kadang2 makan pun tak sempat. kalau lambat sket, alamatnya aku baru bagi salam, cikgu dah nak keluar. mandi bukak pintula jawabnya.

hari raya for me is not that much fun. biasa jer. seronok tang nak pakaikan anak2 baju baru (anak2 sendiri tak paham lagi n tak kisah) and kira how much their duit raya collection (anak2 tak pandai kira lagi so kita tolong kira berangan jadi orang kaya jap :P). the rest travel, mengemas, memerut. eventhough this year suddenly cikgu decide to celebrate raya at KL on 1st raya and on 2nd raya onwards will be spent at melaka but nothing change. sama jer gayanya dengan raya tahun2 lepas. pastu yang tak best sebab tak bersalam raya pun dengan my in laws semua. tau2, cikgu dah hulur duit raya behind my back and my children got their angpau from atok n nenek bila nak balik KL.

gambar pun tak banyak just these few pieces.


cheeky ariana :)

lakonan semata2
the only grandparents left
grandpa kekok pegang chuchu
hei emir, people are doing serious business back there!!
my father's side of family

my precious