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Monday, February 2, 2009

::: welcome back :::

my last post is on 2005. at that time i was in my previous office, surfing internet all day long...(u can check out the lame-old blogspot at pinkluvender.blogspot) its 2009 and so many have happen since...i have change jobs!i have been married to a wonderful husband (yet!) for more than a year now and we're still honeymooning...babies?not yet...sooner or later...doakan ye...

at 1st i wanna put green pepper purple lavender but thought that ppl might forget about it so to make it easier to remember and becoz i luv the name pinkluvender so much, i would like to remain the name in this blogspot as, welcome back to me!!!



maylyn said...

alin, sila update xde makna nye mcm nih :)


happy sunday, :) :) :) hopefully healthy
Thx for your article .. great nice