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Sunday, April 19, 2009

lama siot!!!


Sory lama tak post anything...nak kata bz with work takde pun cuma not in d mood to surf internet...nowadays internet at my house macam &%^%#!!!! geram jer...lama giler even just to view the page...dah bape juta kali call tmnet, the same reason, my house area got cable problem...then fix it!!!takkan dah setahun aku dok area tuh tak fix lagi dari dulu?dodo!!!busan...arggghhh!!!!anyway, im at my mom's for 2 weeks and after negotiate with my sister(who 24/7 depan pc) i get to upload new things into my's not that great but just a reminder to myself bout the things linger in my mind...i might forget it you know...

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