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Thursday, December 31, 2015

ariana's concert

Assalamualaikum :)

I know its a lil late to blog bout this but i still wanna post it as our memories of ariana's 1st concert. It was held on 5th december 2015. A day after my fil's heart surgery. All my husbands relatives were at our house waiting for visiting hours. We had to leave them for a while, besides kindy's concert usually only last for few hours. The night before that ariana had a fever. I gave her fever medicine then in d morning her temperature was back to normal but she said she's not feeling well and will resume class d next day. She didnt understand what concert was and i had to call her teacher to talk to her. We totally let her decide and finally she said ok.

Muka x brape ceria. Ngantuk lagi katanya

She have a few performance that require her wearing baju kurung and arabian outfit. This is just a small kindy in d neighbourhood so there were about 20+ students only.

Yana n Layla. Layla's mama is my colleague. Whenever we get any whatsapp messages we wud discuss or remind each other.

Mommy yana n mama layla

Time to gelek..

Boleh x aku cakap yana paling smooth gelek..kena jer dengan beat..haha..biarlaa nak puji anak sendiri sesekali..dalam demam2 tu kan..

Yana receive cenderahati..not long after that ada last performance then we get to meet her teacher discussing a lil bit bout her progress..ariana nih kuat menyakat dia jarangla nak cerita apa dia belajar kat sekolah..tapu pasal gosip kemain nak citer..ikut sapala tu agaknyer..hihihi..overall she's doing fine..this year bolehla mommy bagi kamu rileks..thn depan kena selalu buat latihan..standard 1 is scary..

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