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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the red warriors

at 1st i thought i wanna make an entry post specially for ariana. to express my feeling towards her. how much i love her. but, her mummy so busy (entertaining her jugak) and i just cudn't find the time to write. i just get to upload some of her pictures throughout the year and it stops there. well, i think she would know for sure that mummy and babah loves her so much no matter what and because of that we make arrangements to celebrate her birthday with everybody, just to paw her uncle/aunties make her happy. so luckily that this time her birthday falls on sunday so i've arrange my family from my mother's side to be at pizza hut near our house to have a small celebration. tak sempat beli party stuff, i asked them to wear red to make it special.

try to teach mikhail how to camwhoring
nak makan apa? oda saja
birthday girl waiting anxiously
with her present
a picture speaks a thousand words. (look at the kids, ahahaha) bakal pengantin with anak2 buah.

funny thing happened. as i 1st enter the pizza hut, i asked the waiter if we cud bring cake for her (i pointed to ariana) birthday? then she said yes, we will help you arrange it. then i said ok. the cake was with my mother as i tumpang simpan at her fridge the night before. so, while waiting for the rest of the clan to arrive i ordered and then accompany ariana to play at the playground outside. then my mother arrived with my siblings. we entered the pizza hut and they already put on birthday song throughout the whole restaurant. i thought wow, tak payah susah2 nak bagitau apa2 diorang dah ready. so, kelam kabutla suruh pasang lilin. yelaa, orang dah nyanyi kan...
in attempt to light the candles. kecoh sampai 4 org nak light 3 candles.
pizza hut's staff came out from behind and sings happy can see that we are not ready and shocked. and they brought another cake.
zana's expression : what? already? but we aren't ready...
fatin's expression : wow, yana...ada 2 cake utk yana....
my expression : huh??!!, dia bawak cake kona kot lainla... wasn't for us rupanya. it was for a boy (or a man shud i say?) punyala kitorang gelak coz dah malu. yg birthday boy tuh didn't have a clue as it was a surprise from his frens. bebudak pizza tuh pun nak cover cakap siap suruh kitorang join jer nyanyi untuk both of them. layan jelaa...hahaha
delicious devil's food chocolate cake with vanilla cream and oreo crush filling and chocolate fudge finish from pumpkinmummycupcakes.
see where the pizza staff stand? macamana laa kitorang tak perasan...see the boy wearing checkered blue shirt? thats the birthday boy.
nda n birthday girl. she didn't have her nap yet so she started to buat perangai...refuse to take nice picture and nibble on the sugar flower.
say pizzaaa...
say again....
our little family
mummy tried to cut the hard rock cake. it was just few minutes taken out from the fridge

puas dapat makan chocolate cake

l-r : fina, faris, zana and fiancee, yana, cikgu, me, fatin and her fren. front : mama. mikhail was asleep in his stroller.

so the next celebration will be this saturday with my father's side of the family. abah kata nak buat bbq. weehoo...and then makan ikan bakar pulak with cikgu's family kat melaka....nyum2 (ni sapa yang excited nih?!)


ashra said...

happy besday good and jd ank solehah

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

Asal meriah & happy OK kan! Yg ptg... bday celebration Ariana lebih MERIAH dr dak bj biru tur!!! hahahaha