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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GDM, MGTT, BSP, adoyaiii

Assalamualaikum :)

Just got back from GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) Class at HKL...basically its diabetes during 2nd MGTT (or pregnant mommies call it ujian minum air gula) tak lepas...normal blood sugar rate would be below 7.8, my result was 8.6 and categorized as impaired tolerance...huhuhu...i thought it was just sliiiiightly high kot...masa 1st MGTT ok jer...i think it must be coz its the fasting month...eating schedule pun tak sama, we tend to eat more than we should when breaking fast...adoi, bulan puasa kot...terbayang2 kuih2 loyang, air2 berwarna a sweet tooth, life without desserts feels incomplete gitu...kalau pegi bazaar pun mata meliar tengok kuih2 manis, kuih2 pedas nih makan jugak but usually bukan pilih sendirilaa...kuih kaswi, seri muka, bingka ubi, koci, abuk2 sagu, akok, all types of pengat and bubur manis...arghhh...masa bulan puasa nihlaa its like heaven for, buhbyelaa until the baby born...takpe, mesti kuatkan hati demi baby...mommy sanggup (sayang, please help me when im lost!!!)

But, the class was fun tho...we had a very funny nurse and jer borak2 macam dah kenal stress at all...she gives lots of information regarding breastfeeding, delivery, GDM, etc...she said last weeks class was empty, kali nih ramai pulak...well, like i said...fasting month, bazaar, yummy desserts? week i need to do BSP pulak...that is to have blood test 4 times in a day to monitor my blood sugar level before and after meal...means hajat nak puasa penuh tak kesampaianlaa...doing BSP takleh puasa :( so next week, i really hope my BSP result will be cantik and no need to repeat again...pray for me too yer...

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