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Monday, June 27, 2011

ariana's new menu

last weekend i made something new for ariana. i made mushroom soup. buhsan asyik buat bubur nasi+ayam/ikan+karot/kentang. lagipun sekarang ariana tak brapa makan sangat. susu pun tak kuat. the idea came when we went out on father's day. i ordered mushroom soup+rice for her and she ate quite a lot. i mean it melted my heart when she said nakk again n again. so i googled the recipe and found the one that's the easiest and less ingredients in it. i've tasted it and surprisingly it did tastes like the one in the can. except MORE mushroom and less preservatives. my husband also likes it and ariana ate ok. not so much like when we're at the secret recipe, but okla compare to the other times. maybe because the rice is plain, not buttered rice. or maybe the ambiance is different. or maybe she's just wanna get on my nerves. hehe. so, here are the recipe. i get 1 big pot from this recipe so, you can cut the measurement injto half if you like.

Homemade Mushroom Soup


1.5l water

1 piece boneless chicken breast-cut into small pieces

1 cube chicken paste

500ml fresh/full cream milk

1 can of mushroom-diced

salt n secukup rasa maggi/pasti sedap knorr to taste

1 cup of plain flour


boiled chicken in the water until cooked. add in the milk, chicken paste cube and mushroom. cooked with small flame. once boiled, add in salt n taster. add in flour bit by bit while whisk to avoid clump. stir until the soup thicken. DONE.

easy isn't it? besides having it on its own, its also taste better with bread. a healthy breakfast for a change. so, what are you waiting for?

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