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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

menunggu hari

approaching 38 weeks this week. actually becoz i did my checkup at few different places, i got 2 EDD. my 1st gynea- Dr Rahman that monitor me since my early trimester said my EDD is on 18th june which is next monday! but when i started my checkup at Al Islam since my 6th months pregnancy, Dr Ros give different EDD on 29th june based on the ultrasound. but i've read somewhere that the accuracy of the EDD by ultrasound is only applicable if the ultrasound was done earlier that is on the 1st trimester. so, i'll just assume my actual EDD is on 18th.

actually sejak aku balik dari kenduri adik ipar last 2 weeks, aku dah mula rasa contractions yang agak kuat dari biasa. maybe sebab workloads. asek balik lewat jer that week sampai ada 1 hari tuh aku ingat betul2 dah nak bersalin dah. n memandangkan this is the 1st time i would experience labor pain since dulu ariana was a scheduled c-sec, aku cam confuse n baaaaanyak tanya sana sini how would i know im in labor, macamana nak tau itu contraction betul n bukan braxton hicks n i get various answers. cam kelakar pun ada. coz cara my frens explained it ada banyak version. i've read at hannah johary blog; katanya masa dia suspect she's in labor, she went to the hospital. few times! tired of going back n forth, suddenly she overheard a gynea said to a trainee that kalau patient tuh betul2 in labor, she can't even smile n she did that. testing whether she could smile or not sebelum pergi ke hospital. sudahnya she really go to the hospital at 12am n delivered her beautiful baby at 4am. by 10am dah boleh discharge. cepat!

so, masa aku ingat aku dah nak bersalin tuh, aku mintak cikgu bring along my hospital bag n his things in case i had to be admitted. i even text my gynea asking how would i know im in labor. dr ros suh datang jer n they will check if its a real labor or false alarm. but then when cikgu came pick me up at the office with ariana, macam kesian pulak. dahlaa dah malam, nak angkut ariana pulak so i decided to go back, take a bath, makan dulu then if sakit lagi, i will send ariana to my mom or her babysitter. bila dah sampai rumah, rileks, sakit tuh macam hilang. so, i cancelled going to the hospital. until now, aku still rasa sakit2 especially n much painful bila aku kat ofis. maybe becoz kat ofis duduk jer kot. kat rumah sakit jugak but not regular. n moving around became harder nowadays. bangun nak pergi ke printer/photostate/fax machine pun berkerut2 muka. tidur masih nyenyak as long im in 1 positions jer. tapi bila nak kalih, adoiyainyer pun. mengerang2.

cikgu kejap2 panik tanya dah nak bersalin ker? or he would ask me to guess agak2 bila aku bersalin. this week or next week? maybe he have work to plan ahead. alahai sayang, if only i knew. n becoz this workloads belum habis i cannot go for early leave. syukur i kena submit all this applications by this week not later than thursday, so i could go for mc/early leave afterwards. masa tuh keje dah tak banyak so, takdelaa rasa bersalah sangat tinggalkan keje pada my colleagues. i know they wouldn't mind tapi cam tak syok pulak kan. so, right now im finishing my work, nak buat filing so kalau ada apa2 senang nak carik documents. nak list down all outstanding matters. kemas2 my workstation n i can go for my maternity leave dengan tenang (yeah, right!!) 


ashra said...

Wahhh..38. Cepatnye masa berlalu...
Yay..tak sabar tunggu awak..mudahan dimudahkan urusan k?

arLene said...

thanks ash...