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Monday, July 7, 2014

meeting my ex

Ya Allah...sangapnyer kat ofis harini...dahlaa 1st day start puasa (Alhamdulillah still puasa up till now) so takleh nak mengudap kasi hilang ngantuk...kalau tak kejap2 teguk air nak bagi refresh...i have been peluk my cushion since an hour ago...kejap letak kepala, pejam...then bangun balik tapi mata kelat sangat...letak balik kepala...and it didnt help when i have no work to do? bulan2 puasa nih takde orang nak buat loan kot...mostly dah buat bulan lepas so that they can jual this month and enjoy the money for raya...workstation pun dah siap kemas last week...kertas2 notes tak guna dah buang...and last week a bit busy sebab my superior was on leave so i take over keje that she's back, im left with so much free time...

semalam penat sangat...gerak from melaka at 1pm - singgah sugarscarf wangsa melawati for the 2 days sale...manage to grab their madison shawl (yayy!!! tudung raya dah setel) balik rumah jap hantar barang2...and i force cikgu to take a nap before going to rumah tokcik for buka puasa...biasalaa kalau dah balik rumah, macam2 nampak nak buat itu ini...end up we keluar rumah at 5.30pm...well, actually it only took half hour from our house to antara gapi but when you wanna drop by here and there plus bad traffic due to bazaar at few places, end up cikgu had to buka puasa with kurma in the car...planned to cook kari udang galah at tokcik house and already informed, when we arrive 10 minutes after maghrib, tokcik already tumis the kari and i just need to siang udang and lebur dalam 8pm we were having our proper dinner with kari udang galah, kari sotong from yesterday, sambal petai and rendang paru bought from tepi jalan, kuih2 so-so from the same place and air keladi dapat free by makcik jual lauk...Alhamdulillah...dapat jugak menikmati rezeki on that day despite ada orang tuh dah muncung bila tgk jam dah nak maghrib and we're still on the road...hehehe

so, when i browse through my album, rupanya my small reunion with my Uni mate belum cerita lagi...well, back in Uni time i have few group of coursemate, my roomate/collegemate, my matriksmate...and these people are the one i spent the time with on weekends, at night, eat together, sleep together, outing together, cry together (akulaa yang selalu nangis pun)...they are my started out when i saw somebody wish birthday to irma...she's my roomate from sem 3-6...2 years together...we're practically sisters...kemana2 berdua macam belangkas...sampai nama cikgu tenggelam...people would ask me where's irma and vice more where's alan...hehehe

so i wish her birthday sambil mengenang2 kenangan dolu2...and the other pun join...cut the story short, rupanya she's working near kl and so does yasmin who i thought working in muar...hahaha...selama nih borak kat fb tak cerita detail we agree to meet up at kl sentral...cantik rupanya kl sentral sekarang eh...they even have a mall...melilau mata mencari tempat makan sambil melilau tengok kedai2...we only have an hour :( borak2 like no other business...memang tak puas...but oklaa, seronok dapat jumpa even for a while...and after tagging everybody these pic mulalaa yang lain jeles and demand me to organize a family day/gathering somewhere on school holiday...some of them are from pantai timur, some from, i must start get going...hmmm...port dickson seems suitable for a short getaway with family and friends...boleh bbq and all...amacam?

irma and me

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