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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wedding Adeeb Danial

Assalamualaikum :)

last weekend my cousin from my mother's side was married. the event took place at the bride's house in Kajang. i only manage to went for his solemnization. i couldn't attend the bride's reception on sunday coz my in law were coming. he has a twin sister. his twin will be getting married in April next year and they will have a reception together. some pictures from our family whatsapp group.

my uncle and his family set up a canopy for a some makan2 before all of us went to the bride's house.

my atok Alhamdulillah still healthy bergaya dengan mom hugging her cousin, far left is his sporting wife :)

the groomsmaid?!

proud parents with Muhammad Adeeb Danial

the bride was just a few street away

bride and groom in pink

Reception day
some of the pic that i took from their fbs

his sisters and mother

the girls in pink..far right is his twin Nur Amanina Damira..masa kecik2 damira nih sebijik cam anak bosnia...ngan rambut perang ikal2, mata coklat...tunangan orang dah

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