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Friday, November 18, 2016

konsert tadika

Assalamualaikum :) [updated with pic :)]

i wanted to blog about my kids concert last week...its mikhail's 1st performance and ariana's 2nd one...however after few videos recorded, my hp couldn't keep any more picture due to full memory...usually i would copy and paste all media into the laptop then only slowly i will delete in my hp and leave those that i wanna keep...butttt my helpfull husband have transferred ALL my pictures and videos without any single left in my dah malas nak search through thousand of pictures and transfer back into my hp...well, i need to sort them into few catogorized folder and would probably update this post in future...

ariana was very good despite that she never show us any of her performance...she danced like a pro to 2 different songs for her class aside from another 2 group performance...even one of the mom said her movement was sharp...hahaha...tapi memang kemas pun...1 of the song was bunyi gitar ny P.Ramlee dia kena twist...another one lagu bunga2, tak ingat dah...(definitely will update the correct info later with video)

mikhail on the other hand, jenis cepat boring...he just need to sing lagu didi and friends and do some actions for wheel on the bus song...dia banyak gelak and joget step sendiri atas pentas the time group performance dia lari turun bawah duduk dengan kitorang...takmo naik dah...masa bagi cenderahati pun dia taknak dah naik pentas...hmm...takpelaa, at least he participate in the main performance...hahaha

this weekend pulak report card day...last year tak pegi pun but since this is ariana's final year, nak jugak tau sampai mana dah tahap year dah nak masuk darjah 1...oh mai, tak tenang year new school, new arrangement, i think our lives will be totally change...kena bangun lagi awal make sure she takes her breakfast, drama bangun pagi pun sure ada cam biasa...balik sekolah kena prepare timetable buat homework, masa bila main, nak ngaji semua...seriously, thinking about that makes me december, i wanna train her to go to her new transit...kesian terpisah dengan the boys but thats for the best...i dont really trust school van to fetch and send least not now so transit is the best choice...dekat jer dengan sekolah...and family transit tuh ada daughter sebaya ariana, they could come back together...semoga anak3 kita semua baik2 sahaja...ok, googling preparation going to school now...

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