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Thursday, December 8, 2016

KL Birdpark

Assalamualaikum :)

its been a year kot since we go for any holiday...boleh kata since ariq lahirlaa...asked my kids where they would like to go yet they said playground rumah my mom or balik kampung melaka to watch the birds their paksu bela...alahai, kesian anak2 since suka birds, last 2 weeks we brought the kids to KL Bird Park...the fee for Mykad holder is adult RM27, kids RM13... kids below 3yo are foc...that morning it was raining but we still get ready ang by the time keluar rumah Alhamdulillah cuaca cantik jer...tak panas n tak hujan...

its the boys 1st time...we've been here when ariana was 1 year plus...

mikhail tuh dah bosan posing

full of beautiful peacock

you pay RM2 for the bird food and suddenly the birds will sit on your hand...

ini sudah lebeyh...main atas kepala kita pulak

cikgu ingat ni burung tekukur ke?

there were also wild monkeys...careful with your outside food...bila kita bukak mknn tetiba byk plak yg dtg...lariiiii

stop at the water fountain before go for the bird show at 12.30pm

peacock in action

various type of owls

sleepy ariq tahan mata

burung kasawari...cantik kan?

jom balik!!!

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