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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

abang sayang ayang

ececeh...kemain lagi tajuk entry...

i knew alan since our matriculation year (which is 11 years ago...) and as we are at the same age, we used to call just our names simply because it feels right at the time and we like that our name sounds kinda same "alan-alin..." lagipun macam geli nak ber "abang2" not me...back then even there's this one girl ask if i couple with him because of his name? of cos not laa kan...i already told you how i met him...mana nak tau nama dia masa tuh... pastu bila dah kawin pun still dengan panggilan yang sama cuma in private, we will call each other "yang" for sayang...tapi depan family or frens automatically panggil alan-alin balik...ntah, macam segan pun ada...bukan plan pun...terus keluar nama alan...pernah kena sound ngan adik ipar apsal panggil alan jer? yelaa alan panggil alin leh accept lagi...aku panggil alan nampak nau kuang hajau...tapi dah try dah...taklehlaa nak panggil abang...even i ask alan pun dia kata "takyahlaa, kang alan kena panggil alin adik pulak" (errkkkk??!!what the?) so, i wanna make this as my goals for totally change from "alan" to "abang"...well i will not throw away the "yang" of cos...but infront of people i will TRY MY HARDEST to call him abang...even after that i would probably throw up...hahaha...seriously...i have tried call him abang which resulting me to beam like a bad cockle and suddenly i have a creepy feeling up through my spine then burst into laugh...terus tak jadik!!!hampehs tull yesterday sajer jer sms alan opppsss abang like this "abang bawak helmet ayang tak?" then he replied "bawak, syg rest eh" oh, btw syg rest eh is his favourite word to say/reply whenever i ask him almost any question...3 years ++ being married to him i totally understand what he means when he said like that...not everytime it means the same ye...haaa pepandailaa aku nak teka...kengkadang it means ok...kengkadang it means he wanna rest...kengkadang he just say that to annoy me...grrr... so, wish me luck on my goals...btw, that is not my only goals for 2011...ada lagi but let me keep some of it to my self...kang canang2 kang tak jadi kena boo plak kan?tak best arr gitu...kita take step by step dulu...kalau tak nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran...

abang n his ayang

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