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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

mana nak carik nih?

since i've decided to make mint green as my raya theme, i've been searching for scarf with the matching color for my raya attire. also nak carik rompers for baby mikhail with the same color and kebaya nyonya for ariana. my oh my. sangat susah okey. especially when i want printed scarf coz my baju is plain chiffon with a little of pink flower embroidery. takkan nak pakai tudung plain lagi kan? oh, n also becoz i dig printed scarves nowadays. i've already started collecting plain color tops to match with them. love. bila jumpa yang ala-ala mint green, they said it is turqoise. NOooo...turqoise lebih terang, bold, more blueish while mint green is baby like. pastel, soft, dreamy kind a color. kan? look at this post. wani, (ewah, aku panggil wani jer macamlaa kenal kan :P) akak pinjam jap entry kamu yer. look at the eyeshadow pallette. the top left is turqoise, besides it is mint green. different right?

her post shows most mint green clothes and accessories. my favourite is the wedding dress. apa kata pengantin2 in future use this kind of pastel green as wedding attire. asek putih jer bowink tau. nikah pun ok coz the color is not too bright. it will still show the pureness and sweetness of the bride. besides, green is the favourite color of our beloved prophet s.a.w right? cantikkk sangat. i only have less than 1 month to browse n look around before my confinement. after that it will be a bit hectic to go shopping with babies n toddler in each hand. so, hopefully i could get my hands on the things that im looking for or maybe perhaps if some of you do find these things can inform me. kesian kat mak buyung nih nak gi shopping mall. tak larat dah nak jalan nih.

anyway, whats your raya theme for this year? mesti vavavoom kan?

1 comment:

Putri Nur Suhaily said...

wow kak, cantik color mint green ni la... nak juga... :-)