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Thursday, December 20, 2012

mummy, yana nak gi sekolah pleaseee

ok, nak membebel laa harini. no, bukan membebel yang negatif.

you how i always feel paranoid about my kids. si ariana tuh tak berkesempatan nak bebas ke sana sini. even duduk rumah flat, i never allow her to play at the koridor. not under my close surveillance. nak ikut sesapa pun i'll make sure all her "what if" stuffs is available (membuatkan beg dia sangat berat with unnecessary things!) and i'll remind that person to be extra careful, to hold ariana's hand all the time, not to take off their eyes on her, bla bla bla. you knowla with all these scary news about child went missing everyday. takut ok. so i think i am being reasonable to feel that way and being over protecting my kids. fuh, panjang lebar nak explain why. even dulu masa 1st time my mom wanna babysit ariana je pun i dah nervous coz im afraid if her routine at babysitter (makan, susu, tido on time) will be in disorder.

ariana will be three years old. oh, how time flies and her character being chit chatter, bercakap sorang2, play role all by herself make me think that its time for her to have connections with her peers. kalau kat rumah mama dia, she only have mikhail, my aunty and my cousins which are in secondary school. so she dun have the skills to communicate with kids her age. bila berjumpa kat playground or shopping complex ke dia macam kaku. jadi patung berdiri duk perhati orang. and she dunno how to share. dengan adik pun nak dedekut. nak hantar pegi kindy macam muda sangat plus i dun trust anyone to let her ride on school bus by herself. my aunty cannot drive so there's nobody can fetch her from school. so i thought of sending her to a playschool. at least kat sana dia berkawan, belajar things that me n my husband tak dapat/tak sempat nak ajar, n she can have new friends. at 1st my husband didn't agree. yelah, anak manja babah. potty training pun dia tak agree. he said she's too young. biarlah dia....but i assure him that this is playschool. it wont pressure her for scoring exams like kindergarten or whatsoever, i just want her to be in "school" and have friends.

kesian bila one day i have a chat with her, she look me in d eyes and said, "mummy, yana nak pegi sekolah.." and before that if she saw us talking to somebody, she will always ask if that person is our friend. bila tanya kawan yana mana? she said yana takde kawan with sad face. memang kesian sangat. nak harap cousins, jauh nun di melaka. balik pun sebulan sekali jer. on my side plak takde lagi., after googled and reading parents reviews about a few playschool, i've decided to register her to GENIUS AULAD at wangsa maju. the class is only on every saturday from 9.30am-11.30am. specially for 3yo. parents will be joining the class while the children sings, learn and that is what i've been looking for. under my close surveillance. haih, camnalaa nanti bila dah masuk kindy betul2. but the things is, i have to wait for her application to be approved. we can only register online and waiting is making me nervous. harap sangat dapat tempat coz the spot is limited and the class will start in march. kalau tak dapat, i have to search for other alternative. korang ada any suggestions tak?

frankly speaking, i tak mampu nak ajar dia sebaik sekolah. not consistently. harini nak tido baca doa tido, malam besok bila kita pun dah sibuk ngan adik or dia tertido dulu, lusa dah mula liat pastu terus lupa. pastu bila nak start balik dia pun cam dah malas. and susah kalau nak ajar bila kita jer yang beria2 beli buku, download all sorts of learning apps for toddler while the other party download subway surfers, angry gran run, upin ipin, oscar oasis and tak kisah pun pasal learning and expect children will grew up just the way they were back then. tak payah ajar beria2, nanti pandailah! yeah right. back then takde tab, game apps whatsoever macam sekarang. children nowadays absorb things around them like sponge. no, scratch that. like straw. lagi cepat dari sponge. or am i being over about it? 

1 comment:

Mummy AwwalHariz said...

alin.. my sons dulu pun kesian dok rumah ngan maid saje.. so we start dgn htr pi skool every saturday je jugak @vital years so that dia boleh berkawan.. hariz masa tu 2 1/2 yrs old.. bila berkawan ni nmpk level confidence dia tgi... i think GA is a good choice.. both awwal & hariz start skool next year.. opss tapi jap, mula2 rasa senang skool saturday je, tapi sometimes rasa penat sbb kita weekend nak tido kena bgn htr pi skool pulak :)