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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas and gift exchange party

this is the 1st time our office ever do this kind of thing. our company consist of a few department. this exchange gift gathering was organized by the compliance group. we need to buy any present worth rm15 and each present will be labelled with numbers. each person will draw the number and get the present tagged with that number...i have switched a few number before we draw...and luckily i did that or otherwise that 1 person i dont want to have anything with will get it...dun ask me the details 

our humble christmas tree

org2 dr capital yg excited nak bertukar2 hadiah. the rest didn't came as they didn't even bother to join -_____-

derek n our funny IT guy, gynard...

andrew from risk management n tommy from IT...see how "humble" the christmas tree?

me, nurul n derek

lupa nk pusingkn gmbr nih.. there was cake for celebrating some of the staffs birthday

menghimpit je keje kau ye gynard sampai aku tersepit

the birthday babies...err not really babies

we gathered at 7th floor, receptionist area...even the pantry maid and despatches joined

seronok hangpa suap menyuap eh

aina menggedik ngan hadiah nyer...dapat accessories box

kak sha...dapat cardholder

aku dapat earphone cum microphone...sangat ngam timing as my earphone went kaput that week

nurul...dapat pen parker kot...

this lady got mine :)

all in all, seronokla dapat experience suasana lain sikit dari mandom jer kat bos not the type that will initiate any social gathering...and for other department to do that and invite us, its an honour...biaq pi laa yang tanak join tuh...maybe they are in a higher class that they cannot downgrade to join others...we all have person that we like and hate in the office, but to let that influenced us is just gonna make us down...aku pun ada orang yang aku tak suka...but time keje kita keje, time bersukaria kita bersukaria...n tak perlula bertegur ngan orang tuh pun if not necessary...see, that person not even in the picture though they were there...nak citer lebih2 pun malas haih...

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