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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

nak anak cepat jalan?

my children nampak gayanya memang lambat berjalan. ariana only started walking bertatih at 15mo. meniarap after 4 mo. merangkak tak ingat pulak (kena refer entry lama). since ariana, my relative (not my immidiate family) mostly suggested that we use walker. and she was compared to my other relatives yg dah mula menapak. now its mikhail's turn. he only started to turn over at 5mo. and just a week ago started crawling n climbing. lambat kan? and i guess he might follow his sister and started walking after 1yo. its a slow progress but im still proud of him anyway (i believe all parents do proud of their own children). kebetulan pulak my cousin also had a baby boy 2 weeks after me. dengan putihnya (pfftt!), debab, suka makan, dah mula memanjat at 7mo (double pfftt!) but i still insist on NOT using walker simply becoz :

1. my house is small. celah mana dia nak bergerak plak?

2. i've seen my cousin n sil (ini cikgu ceritalah) yang jalan berjingkit at their 1st 2 years becoz of walker usage. n they have been said that their legs are a bit weak sebab dah biasa tergantung kan. ok, bukan semua tapi ini from MY family ok.

3. rumah bbsitter ada slight step so risau roda tersadung ke hapa.

4. every baby is unique and they would have their own development phase. lambat atau cepat, akhirnya berjalan jugak. i have a friend that only started to walk at 3yo. n elok je dia sekarang. his mother thought he was handicapped but turned out to be normal just like any of us.
5. i've asked my aunty (their bs) if she need a walker to ease her work and she said no need *jimat duit.fuhh!!*

6. and i found this in a  book i bought the other day.

it just confirmed my point. anyway, im not judging people who uses walker for their children. no offense ye. *jangan ada yang attack aku sudah lepas nih* it really not the same situation for every parents. kalau parents tuh banyak masa or ada org nak mengekor anak kat belakang takpela. tapi kalau yang sibuk, nak memasak, mengemas, doing laundry while watching their babies and their house is suitable for walker, why not? lagipun walker nowadays macam2 jenis. adjustable heights and some can be demobilize or have jumping options. kids nowadays huh?! like what my aunty said, budak pakai walker ni cepat berjalan n lebih hygenic coz crawling babies tend to found small pieces of rubbish n put it in their mouth or simply lick off the floor. i know that coz mikhail pun memang macam tuh. looks like i just have to clean the house more often then.


ashra said...

owh alin
kitaorg pun tak bminat guna walker.sbb yg dinyatakan la tu..btol la tu

anak2 saya 9 10bln da jalan..wpun x pakai memang unik.lmbt cepat x the end of the day..umur 2 3taun nti..sama je pkembngan fizikalkan

kalu saya,saya stimulatekan die dapat idea
5bln merangkak,stat capai brg.letakkan brg yg die suka ats dan tepi luar sofa.nti die cube akan cube bantu die bdiri.lakukan ulang2 kali
nti die pandai sndiri

bila da bdiri..pancingkan brg td makin jauh dr die tu amik.nti die blaja menapak pula.nti lame2,die akan blaja meniti bpegang pd benda.bila da pandai titi,da..ajar tatih.

haha.taktik sy mjadi.9 10bulan da jalan.bkn nk suh die cepat dgn suka main dgn dorg.. ;) stimulate pkembangan anak2..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Arlene, I guess there are children who are slightly slower than others, in many things.
But we have to let them take their time....we are all born different. Nobody is perfect.
I too was very slow in everything according to my mom and first they thought habis cherita, I may be deaf or not able to talk, ha ha ha.

Then thought because I took a long time to walk when a baby, they panic!
In school...I just passed the equator by a hair in all my exams, if get 60%, my mom would be excited.

And years later, I grew up to be 6' 1", and for a man very weak in my studies....I was the only one who flew in a Company Corporate jet on business.
When everyone gave up hope on me when young, my mother...I was the only mother never gave up hope.

The day I took her to Subang airport to see the corporate jet I was flying off, with our European pilot, she cried! Her son had exceeded everyone's expectations...especially hers.
You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.