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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday cikgu!!!

[backdated entry]

i went thru all my pictures and baru perasan this hasn't been up in my blog..its my dearest husband's birthday...well, katanya blog tempat menyimpan memori, we backdated this entry wayyyy baaaaaack to 17th April 2013...(eventho today is 7th November 2013)

So on that day while i was in the office, i spontaneously apply for halfday leave and decided that i shud do something..hadiah alone is not he's been very kind to me by helping with the housechores, taking care of the kids n all, why not i make this a special day for him..i googled how to make the simplest chicken chop and went to the garrett to buy popcorn (he likes junkfood so once a while overpriced garrett popcorn won't hurt, no?)

then i had to go home to take the car and went to buy some groceries for the, pung pang pung pang, dinner's ready...i made fried chicken chop coz i don't have grill, brown sauce, baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli and baby carrots...i set the table with whatever i have...i found a set of champagne glass (not that we drink champagne but i dunno the name so yeah...) in our cabinet full of unused wedding present..but the glass mostly are not perfect.. i mean the glass senget benget...seriously? those people who did the glass had the heart to even sell those? table mat? fancy cushion cover will do...hehehe... so i set everything including candles and start counting the minutes... he'll be back around, i switched off the lights, and waited patiently...kipas pun tutup so that the lit candles wont padam..

and then...well, as a person who watched too many drama, his reaction just didnt up to my par...the 1st word he said was "alaa, nape tak bagitau..alan dah kenyang makan nasi goreng petang tadi" pffttt...well darling, if i told you it wont be a surpriselaa sayangggg...jenuhla dia pujuk sampai sakit2 perut terlebih makan...or maybe dia buat2 sakit sebab nak pujuk? hmmm...i've known him for 14 years now...i shud have know better not to surprise him..memang tak pernah menjadi...except that one time when i went to melaka...pakat ngan adik beradik dia...itupun jenuh sorang kena tahan dia dari keluar ke mana2...its like "surprise + alan = kecewa coz it wont succeed..." huhuhu...since that day i promise i wont bother about doing anything for his birthday anymore...(now i remember why i didnt post about this dulu...sebab frust menonggeng...hehehe) but being me, mana boleh...mesti nanti nak jugak buat something...i kan jenis yang hopeless-romantic kinda person...cuma tulaa, maybe next time i shud train myself not to expect too much...

dah siap...

crooked glass...obvious gilerr kesengetannya

while waiting for him

walaupun rupanya tak menarik, rasanya masih boleh diterima...hehehe

caramel macademia popcorn...a better present than the cooking i guess

masuk2, dia boleh wat dek jer dulu o_O
buat2 tak nampak plak candle2 tu semua...suka tau gitu T_T

ini jer hadiahnyer...eventho cikgu dah cakap taknak apa2, tapi macam takbestla takde hadiah kan...lepas nih sila pakai ye...seriously, susah ok carik hadiah untuk lelaki...sejak kenal ini jam yang ke-4 aku belikan dia...nak beli baju, time takde birthday pun boleh bagi...nak beli benda lain macam kena bawak dia plak...kalau korang, apa hadiah korang bagi eh?

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