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Friday, April 26, 2013

what chu want

Assalamualaikum...happy friday uolls...tomorrow already saturday, weeehoooo....

a mother at home on holiday means we could do the housechores, cook for the family and more time to golek2 with the kids. ahhhh...anyway, i wanna share with you something about myself. i need advise. not a major problem though. just a minor one. hehe...

i have been using my samsung s2 almost a year now. my husband also convert from his old hp to an asus padphone almost the same time with me. my fil was a Telekom staff and he get 3 postpaid line with minimum monthly fee of RM3. he just have to pay the usage charges. so cikgu get 1 line. i on the other hand are using prepaid service. ya ya laugh out loud all that you want but i personally think that it is my only way to control my phone bill after a bad history with postpaid (lets not talk about that in detail, shall we? :P) i'm a talker not a texter. with my chubby fingers and very low tahap kesabaran to spill the beans, i just cant wait for the other party to reply my text! although we use updated hp, we both never register for any data us lame but we thought that it is unnecessary since we have p1 wifi at home, portable p1 broadband on d go to connect with his laptop and i have internet connection at the office. its just restrict us to be connected with people while we're outside of these area.

but technology (and online games) are so tempting that when i arrive home, the 1st thing i'd do is on the wifi and waited impatiently for all the notifications to come in. then i would check one by one then scroll my timeline in facebook, instagram. i have twitter but with the pace im going, its just irrelevant to even use it. hey, people twit as fast as they could. if im ever to twit only at home, cerita pun dah basi. hehehe. there's whatsapp to read/reply and then there's keek. alaa...nak jugakkkk!!! and that would take about half hour before i do anything else. sampai cikgu soundla suruh amik jelaa data plan. at least i could check all those notifications. kat rumah tak fokus katanya...(tapi saya kedekut taknak spend duit on unnecessary things.better use internet that he provide at home and office provide at the office. yes, im cheapskate laidat!)

so now i was considering to register for a data plan but i sayang my phone number (alasan orang kedekut). i have checked with Maxis but they said according to my ic no, i still owe them RM200++. adoii...mana pulak datangnya nih. the last time i used maxis postpaid is more than 10 years ago. i remember paying all the arrears and close the account. or might be somebody used my ic to register a phoneline. pffttt. my colleague suggested i buy the internet service via prepaid. there are several options for the limit and cost. the most worth plan would be RM68/month for 3GB. but i also heard better data plan from DIGI. or was it Celcom? but that means i have to pay the RM200++ and change my no right? anybody know the difference tak? or i might just take my colleague suggestions and go with the prepaid internet data plan. but my budget for my communication plan is only RM100/month. including calls and sms. cukup ke? so korang guna apa eh?

1 comment:

ashra said...

owhh..tak pandai nak suggest..bab tenet ni,mmg hubby je pakar IT.saya tau pakai je..malas fahamkan walaupun hubby sibuk cite..haha

btw,maxis lagi 200?banyak tu arlene.lagi kalau orang guna ic kita,,sakittttnye hatiii kan..
pape kena wat siasatan tu