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Thursday, April 23, 2015

check up at KKIA

Assalamualaikum :)

yesterday i went to KKIA (Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak - its a government service) for my 1st checkup there...before this from 6weeks to 18 weeks i went to an O&G specialist at Poliklinik Kotaraya for "special treatment" since i have multiple miscarriage history before...for both my pregnancy with Ariana and Mikhail from the moment i know im pregnant, we (well, actually im the only one tangung sakit) will be given injection every 2 weeks along with some pills (ventolin then duphaston) to strengen the womb...that rutin will continued until im at 16 weeks...after finishing all the dose, i will continue my check ups at KKIA at 2nd trimester (for ariana i never went to KKIA) then only continue my final trimester at Al-Islam since we have made up our mind to deliver there...

i like having checkups at KKIA for the main reason that they went through thorough checking for every session...i've waited for 2 hours...and i'm only the 3rd person...this time they add more things to check like HIV test and breast lump checking and hearing the baby's heartbeat...dulu time mikhail in 2012 takde pun...the 1 to 1 session took my 1 hour time but its ok coz i get to ask a lot of question and they explain it in details...that explains the long its only RM1 for the fee...murah sangat kan...this time at Poliklinik Kotaraya, i didnt take the injections, only duphaston pills...for every checkups i was charged over RM200 inclusive of the dr's consultation...2 times the dr was not in coz he have emergency case at KPJ Tawakal (he also a panel there) and still i was charged almost RM200...mahal giler tau ubat tuh...and my company dont cover any maternity medical cost...i think for my next one (ecewah, laju benar nak next one...yang nih pun belum keluar lagi...) i will just go straight to KKIA for checkups and deliver at Al Islam (coz i can choose female dr)

the only cons are the time management and they only give you time slips...if only boleh mintak MC...byk cuti nak kena pakai for checkups weekdays nih...hmmm...and my next appointment will be next week...nak kena minum air gula and amik darah coz my father side ada history diabetes...memikirkan nak amik darah tu....alahai...lemah lututlaa...i saw a lot of new mommies siap accompany by their sweet...walaupun no use pun coz when you go in to see the nurse, bukan boleh masuk skali...but sebagai tanda ingatan and morale support oklaa...hahaha...ayat jeles...

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