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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adam Mikhail is 3

Assalamualaikum :)

Altho its been almost 2 month since my boy turns 3, i still wanna share about it here in my blog...its a very special day to us hence this post... on his birthday on 28th June 2015, i have to work :( we need to test the new server so just a few of the staff have to come on sunday...but only until and cikgu already planned to bring the kids to Dinoscovery at Avenue K since mikhail lovveeee dinosaurs and animal so much, do some shopping there and then break our fast nearby...suddenly my mom ask everyone to gather at her house for break fast since opah is, break fast outside was cancelled...

babah siapkan dari rumah...

the picture taken prior entry...but we didnt bought it...we just snap from their screen...hehehe

muka mikhail cuak jer...tak pernah dia nak duduk diam dalam stroller camtuh...huhuhu

pilih, jangan tak pilih yer

ariana enjoying the short adventure

pandai pulak pilih yang mahal...takpe, kita kasi can sesekali

to me the ticket price was a bit expensive since the area they covered is not so big...there's a few museum-quality dinosaur animatronics, some activity and a cafe where you can get some souvenirs...for children age 4-12 the fee is rm35 and for adult rm25...mikhail enter freely, hehehe...the entrance was dark (probably to get the mood of prehistoric era) so mikhail was scared and ask to carry him...upon entering they will loan you some vest, torchlight and map for the activities in there then they will take some pictures with Dinosaurs background...luckily we brought along a stroller coz mikhail yang peminat dinosaur, dia pulak yang takut...the whole place was a bit dim and with huge size of dinosaurs replica, baru dia tau its not a cutey type of animals...hehehe...nak amik gambar pun taknak keluar stroller... at the souvenirs store tuh terang so kat situ barulaa dia wandering around...pandai pulak paw yang mahal...but since mikhail nih jarang mintak apa2, we surrender jelaa...memang before this masa 1st and 2nd birthday tak belikan dia apa2 pun...unlike ariana, bukan birthday pun ada jer benda dia request...mainnyer sekejap jer pastu dah bosan...we bought him a set of 5 type of dinosaurs which cost us 30 each *roll eyes* takpelaa...3 tahun birthday present when you are 6years old ye mikhail...hehehe...but looking at the quality berbaloi kot beli mahal sikit coz before this pernah beli yang murah, kejap jer nyawanyer...kaki patahlaa, kepak patah, kepala tercabut...yang nih macam solid sikit...dia baling2 pun still ok...tapi harus elaklaa...kalau tak kita pulak yang can know more about Dinoscovery here

after that we drop by at BR to get some icecream cake...takde tempah2 pun...we just took whatever chocolate flavor yang tinggal...and thats it...sampai rumah mak, all my siblings pun need birthday partylaa...just some small celebration among us bukan ingat pun sapa strangers yang datang...and now dia obses dengan ultraman pulak...cikgu bought 12 ekor ultraman figure kat toyshop in chowkit for only its his favourite toys...bergasaklaa ultraman dengan "raksasa cum dinosaurs" tu...kemana2 harus bwk sekor dua...even transit back and forth to the babysitter pun angkut skali...hehehe...

happy birthday mikhail...we love you so much...

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