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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

busy mode

i wish i could write anything right now but i was tide up with loads of work since the last post. nak citer lelebih pasal keje pun bukan korang kisah pun kan? nilaa jadinya bila dah 2 minggu ala2 duduk tepi pantai. skali datang ombak besar, haa lintang pukang dibuatnya. to make it worst, most clients wants their application to reach their HR nun jauh kat Setia Alam Eco Park by this thursday before 12pm! with us being despatchless since a week before raya until now, there's no way ALL the applications can be done in time. had to choose on 1st come 1st serve basislaa n just swallow the consiquences thereafter. nak marah saya? please send the complaint email to my boss ye. i'm not the one controlling every staff here. if there's someone yang taknak buat keje, its not my fault.

this weekend supposed to be my BIG THREE O day but i have to be in malacca as my mil have been scheduled to operate her hernia on friday. alan ask me to take halfday leave so we could catch ibu after the operation tapi macam susah jer with lots of workload coming in. takkan nak tinggal kasi orang lain buat? have to persuade him to go back on his own or go back after my working hour. serba salah dibuatnya. on the otherhand, i would like to be around my siblings to celebrate my birthday. but of cos saya sedar diri takkan nak berjimba while ibu kat hospital kan? sangat tak patut.


ashra said...

mudahan urusan dimudahkan..
emm.nampak gaya kena dulukan apa yang patut dulu kan lah kan... =)

arLene said...

yelaa ash. takleh nak ikut kepala sendiri jer. my hubs pun ikutkan jer bila i ask balik after work. dah kawin camnilaa kan. kena tolak ansur.