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Thursday, October 20, 2011

she's 21!!!


today ariana is 21months old. 3 more months until she reach 2! how time flies. she is getting more and more cheeky. more vocab in her dictionary and certain words she can pronounce it better these days. suka sangat sikit2 cakap "adoi". nak bangun, adoi. nak bukak penutup yang ketat, adoi. kalau benda jatuh pun, adoi. kengakadang siap berdecit macamlaa susah sangat. hahaha. our sunshine. macam mak nenek pun ada. drink her milk regularly. eat biscuits like nasi. suka sangat kacau orang makan. kalau nak makan betul2 takpelaa gak. kengkadang aku sajer suap sikit sambal kat dia pastu mengelupur mintak air. haha. tapi dia tak serik pun. yang pedas tuh dia sibuk nak capai then suap kita. better at walking but not yet running. jumping, gaya ada tapi badan tak naik pun. hehehe. makin banyak akal. memorize faces. atok nenek yang jarang jumpa pun dia dah ok. sometimes, she take our hp and ask us to call her nenek or atok, or mama (her bs). pastu mulalaa membebel ntah bahasa apa. kadang2 dia suka gelak tanpa sebab. kalau takde dia, sunyi rumah. cayang yana.

Alhamdulillah, she's growing up well eventhough she doesnt eat much like other babies does. actually, im worried about that. i didnt go to the normal checkup anymore unless she's unwell so i dunno whether her weight is on the right track or not. she's just refused to eat good food and prefer unhealthy snack. i tried t o prepare homemade food for her but after 2-3 spoon, she will spit it out. urghhh...sometimes i spank her for doing so and regret it. making her eat is a battle for me which sometimes other people take it for granted. they dun mind if she's not eating. they satisfied with that junkies that she eat as long as she eat something and taking her milk. for me, its not enough. im jealous of hearing stories about babies who like to eat. siap ada yang korek makanan keluar dari mulut mak, kan D? i know what im doing is wrong. eating is supposed to be fun time for both mummy and baby. but after preparing the food and watch it being spit/thrown away sometimes makes me angry. i just couldnt help it.

minum jer

i've asked her bs how she makes ariana eat. she said she will distract her with toys or they would walk outside the house to see birds, trees, cats, chicken and then it'll be easier to feed her. haiz. dahlaa my house nih flat jer. everytime nak makan, kena turun playground ker? my husband already blaming me for giving her sweet food as substitute making it harder for her to eat healthy food. actually that sweet food he's talking about is the heinz wholegrain biscuits with fillings. it is for 1-3 years old and im just trying to give her variety of food coz she wont eat. haiz salah aku jugak. yang penat2 masak tuh sapa agaknya eh? she likes meehoon and other noodles. by "likes" it means she will take 5-6 spoon which is still not enough for her age. im jealous of my colleague who always talk about her 2 y0 doter who eat a bowl of porridge+a bowl of soup and a banana! whereas my baby only takes not even quarter of that amount. i've tried to change her milk several times but she likes her usual milk more. i shud be worried, right? or am i just over react?

p/s : before this i put her age as 19 months. i always thought my ariana is 2 months younger. i just dunno why. just now somebody ask me how old she is, i said 1 year 7 months. which supposed to be 1 and 9 months. maybe im in denial my baby is growing up so fast.


ashra said...

yay..ariana da makin besar dan comel...hehe

betul2..kadang2 kita rasa tak nak je die besar cepat kan..atau pun,kena tambah adik lagi ni =p

arLene said...

yelaa ash, kengkadang rasa tak puas main dengan dia. kengkadang kesian tengok dia main sorang2. after 3 miscarriage, tgh usaha nak dapatkan adik dia nih. doakan semuanya selamat ehh...