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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a short one

hola! anyone miss me? no, i dun think so. no, im not busy. my workload phase have passed by. now its back to housewife mode., click! hehe. after my lovely surprise tuh, on friday nite we went back to malacca and head straight to pantai hospital. we reached there at 10pm and was being shooed out at 10.45pm. oklaa kan. sempat gak jenguk ibu. she was still sleepy and drowsy from that anaesthetic. Alhamdulillah, her operation went smoothly and the wound is just about 2 inch. the next day dah discharge. alaaa...knowing ibu yang memang takleh stay still, by the 3rd day dia dah jalan2 gi hall, dapur, bilik. tapi bagusla. by walking and moving, it will make the blood flow and fasten the healing process.

on saturday while we went out to buy dinner, alan bought a birthday cake for me :) but we cut the cake the next day as ariana has fall asleep since in the car. kejut pun tak jalan. rasa tak complete pulak kalau dia takde. actually pasal kek nih i have discussed about it with alan few months ago. i said no matter how we celebrate our birthday, with other family members ke, with each other je ker, mesti ada kek. taknak dah wish kosong jer. dahlaa takde kad. macam tak best. lagipun kitorang tak pernah bagi hadiah on the exact day. selalunya dah berbulan, barulaa dapat sebab taktau nak pilih apa. so, its like a new traditionla skang nih. haha. gedik.

oh, while i was there, i sempat bump into my 1st in law yang tengah tunggu hari. she said its anytime soon and last nite we get an sms saying that she has safely delivering a baby boy thru a c-sec. i'll get more info later k. eh, dah 3 perenggan dah nih. shortlaa sangat alin...


aleen aiden said...

mak akak sakit ape?anyway,semoga die cepat sembuh.. :)

arLene said...

dia adA hernia. anyway everythings fine now...cuma tunggu luka sembuh jer...thanks for asking...