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Friday, October 14, 2011

a lovely surprise

my oh my. where do i start. i've been asking zana to treat me to ben's klcc because after reading a few blogs about their macademia cheesecake desserts, i just have to have it. zana had been cancelling our lunch date several times as she said she have meetings. yeah, rite. then suddenly yday alan called me and said he will pick me up at my office and have dinner together at klcc. ariana will be with my mom. berdebar2 ok. rasa macam nak gi date for the 1st time since like what, 4 years ago? so after asar prayer, i smsed alan to just meet me at klcc. what i didn't know is he left his hp at home and didnt get the message. so there he is, waiting for me and then forcing himself to borrow a strangers hp to ask my whereabouts.

long story short, while i was waiting, i went to the atm to withdraw some money when i heard a little girl's voice just like ariana. heck, she even look like ariana from behind, and wear the same outfit ariana had. i followed her and then i found zana n fatin and it turnout that little girl IS ariana. then with their face like kerang busuk, they said they were just hanging around with mak n fina. sorang cakap dah nak balik. sorang cakap baru sampai. mana satu nih. eh, i already smell something fishy going around. hehehe. then i bawak ariana around klcc and pass her back to them. zana then admit that they are planning a birthday surprise for me but it backfire. hahaha. then she asked me to join them. but i kan tengah tunggu alan. dahlaa mamat tuh takde hp.

so i waited and waited for another 10 minutes barulaa berjumpa. i berlakon jap konon nak gi makan tempat lainla, i risau arianala, i nak balikla but seeing his face makes me spill everuthing out-i knew about the surprise already. hehehe. alan said my mom and the girls shud meet him separately but my mom had a flat tyre pulak. so he had to fetch them, hantar ke klcc, pusing balik to fetch me, bla bla bla. if only alan didnt left his hp, he could give them a heads up that i was in klcc. so diorang boleh menyorok. hehehe. so we just head to ben's and have a wonderful dinner together with my family. bukan senang nak kumpul gini. the piccas below defines our lovely evening.

fltr : fina-alan-ariana-fatin-mak-me. zana was the photog. boy je takde :(

my sudden craving desserts - macademia cheesecake (the latter one)

i've been punked!


ashra said...

hepi besday!
besnyeeeee....tak pernah rasa keterujaan gini *jeles* hehe

Mummy AwwalHariz said...

ben's macademia cheesecake mmg sedap!

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

Sorry beb... aku br berkesempatan tgk btol2 N3 UUm tur! 7 sorry gaks... sbb aku nk komen kt sini.

1st of all... hepi belated bday 2u! dh brp dah mek oiii..?

Wahhh... mg rindu banget aku kt UUM! kolej Mas, the Mall, raung legar yg selalu amik gamba diamond tur (ekekehh...) & library! aku suke lepak kt situ ko lupa nk snap pic tasik kolej MAS tmpt ko selalu dating dulu! hehehe
Ade hway baru? caya-lah...

Neway, thanks 4 all info! ntah biler aku nk pi sana... huhu

arLene said...

ash : alin pun tak pernah. ni pestime surprise2 nih.

mummyawwalhariz : tulaa. alan kata lenkali leh datang sini makan tu jer.

kak nur : that day banyak tmpt tak sempat gi. anyway thanks 4 d wish. dah masuk 3 series dah nih...