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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

not so Wordless Wednesday : last weekend trip to the National Zoo



the long walk to the entrance

proof we went there.

the long queue. but still ok.

i personally ask the giraffe to give a special post. :P

its windy and the elephant cooperates. just nice

"bird!! bird!!" no its ostrich "bird!!" sukati kolaa nak

ostrich's eggs. hitam rupanya eh?!

free porn? errkkkkk...

tiger - sleep
mummy n yana
camel - sleep

rhino - sleep

the only pic of us. jadilaa...

overall its oklaaa with the nice weather despite that we went there at noon. but the price of food inside cekik darah. better bring ur own food. oh, and noon is sleeping time for MOST of the animal. sampai yana pun dunno where to look at when we pointed out the animals. ini animal kah or batang kayu? hehehe


ashra said...

lama tul tak gi zoo negara.last pegi masa belum kawin.keke...

arLene said...

umur aleesya tuh sesuai laa kalau nak bawak. u pun dah sarat, memang elok banyakkan jalan.