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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby A shopping list

sabtu nih dah plan nak pegi maternity and baby fair kat midvalley. just what i need. memang dah lama tunggu fair camnih. macam2 nak beli. from my previous experience, fair macam nih lebih fokus kepada breastfeeding tools, nursing attire, diapers, baby foods, bottles, toilettries, beddings, insurans/stemcells services and show/contests. mostly from local stores or online biz. not so much on baby gear, baby clothes. but fret not coz there's always jusco nearby to search for such things. besides, for this 2nd baby, most probably baby A will need just a few new pair of clothes. kakak yana punya ada, kita jangan membazir. kalau lain gender, kita tambah sikit2 sudah.

i want to look for spectra3 tubing set since mine ada orang dah sorok/buang. i left my machine and pump in a bag in our store room at the office. where my other colleagues also pump there. but i suspect somebody that has nothing to do with breastfeeding yang buang/sorok. my office only has less than 15 staff. and ada 2 puak. so, if i exclude my clan, there's only 2 person that are potential to be the suspect. takpe, mudah-mudahan dia aniaya aku nih, murah rezeki baby A dengan susu yang melimpah ruah. amiin.

other than that nak carik nursing pillow, a few feeding bottles, nipples for 1st year breastflow bottles, baby sling, breastpads, new bedding set, diapers and formula for ariana (if its on sale), ice cube tray with lids, barut, bathtub (the old ones already at the bbsitter's) and other things that is essentials that i missed out in my current list (sure ada punya). baby gear tak payahla. pakai jer apa ada. rocker, stroller, playpen, carseat memang beli yang unisex colour so no problem there. tengok2 balik list nih banyak jugak benda baru nak beli (read : kopak jugak). kalau tak cukup budget, i might beli yang penting2 dulu. cannot splurge so much as we are still be going for checkups and the most important, the hospital bills itself. pheww...hopefully murah rezeki hujung bulan nih...


- GC - said...

mak aii,, teruknya colleague yg sorok/ buang pump tu. takpa la, biaq Allah ja yg balas.

arLene said...

tulaa GC, perangai teruk, keje malas. nak marah lelebih pun memang confirm kapiaq. tahan sabar jelaa...