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Thursday, March 15, 2012

saya sedang terbanggggg.....

[update : malam tadi gigih carik kat astroview. jumpa ulangan citer nih kat channel 131 24hb (saturday) - 10am and 29hb (thursday) tghari. must.see.this :)]

aahhhh.....*mode : dreaming*

last nite i pickup ariana from her bs late, very late just becoz im stuck with a phillipines movie "My Amnesia Girl" i feel like flying, dreaming, happy, sad, my eyes went teary n red becoz of crying. no, its not a sad movie. its a very veRY VERY romantic movie. i cant quite describe how i feel from last nite up until now. tersengih2 macam kerang busuk, hehehe...the actor/actress may not be the most gorgeous persons (but ciri2 fizikal hero tuh memang my kinda taste in a guy :P)BUT the storyline, the dialogues, oh my..the dialogues...makes u ignore that and being glued to the tv until 9pm in towel and that is something u can expect to happen when watching this movie. and the hero's melts not only my heart but my whole body pun cair...(a very inappropriate things to say when u have a husband, no?) ah, its something like greenapple said in one of her entry about watching hindustan movie. just let us dream n the husband will get the benefit in d end. wife mood happy, takde bebel2, keje siap, senyummmm jer...lagipun, bukan boleh dapat pun minat kat retis2 nih kan? so, takyahlaa nak jeles lebih2. the husbands pun ada gak minat retis. lisa surihanila, maya karinla, tak jeles puuunnnnnnn.....

how can you not melt with those smiles...

i've been googling the pickup lines, quotes, dialogues in the movie but mostly is in tagalog. rugi semalam tak salin...adalaa sikit2 translate but sikit jer...maybe we all could copy this and adapt it in our lives to spice things up with our spouse. these are some of it :

Are you an alarm clock? / Why? / Because you woke my sleeping heart

Why dont you just be my magic carpet? / Meaning / So that you can take me to a whole new world

If you want, you could be my driver / Why? / So that you can run my life

Why dont you sell off your house / Why would i do that? / Because you're free to reside in my heart!

You are like a movie / Why? / It feels good just watching you

You know, you're like a soap opera / Why? / Because you're so addicting

seeee, romantik kan ayat2 dia? itu baru sikit jer. oh, another one "Mahal Kita Kasih" in tagalog which means i love you so much...looks like a simple malay to us, no?

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