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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

his new hobby

so on sunday we decided to just stay at home and probably bring the kids to the playground in the afternoon..while borak2 with my husband, he talk about going to great eastern's pet shop to look for some fish tank because apparently he has been dreaming about having an aquarium since long long time ago *roll eyes*

you probably know how i would react towards adding big things in our comel house...there's just not enough space...he promise it would be just a small one...tak sampai hati nak dissappoint him, i suggest we should just go and have a look at one of the old aqua shop in MRR2..that shop already been there for more than 20 years!! waiting for the kids to wake up from their afternoon nap, at 5.30pm baru gerak...while my husband asking the tokey about the right aquarium (read : the small one) i took the kids to see the beautiful fishes in the shop.

to cut the story short, after an hour finally hub purchase all sort of things for his little aquarium. the tank, filter, sand, fishes (there are 25 of them), rocks, seaweed, and whatnot. and all that totalling almost RM400!! lagi mahal dari membela hamster nih...mula nak membebel pastu he said that he didnt shop anything, go anywhere so might as well spend it on things he like...yelaaahhhhh, u menang...

tokey explaining how to handle le fish

kemho sat. fail!

this fish can turn color according to surroundings...but they can only mingle between themselves. kalau tak, gaduh...ikan pun samseng huh?!

at 1st he wanna mount the aquarium on the wall. but i didnt agree as its not safe plus aquarium is very heavy and i dont wanna risk my kids being around it if it falls *nauzubillah*. then he suggest to put it on the dining sayang...i "do" wanna eat with fish staring at me...then i ask him to just place it beside the last the thinking must be done by the wife... :)

all the fish happily swimming in their new home :) ( i pick the accessories )

this pic i curi2 amik is the next morning, about after subuh...hehehe...boys will always be boys huh...

p/s: the next day 5 fishes died o_O


Miss Moon said...

hahhahah my hubby pun suka tenung aquarium anak pilih ikan si bapak tukang tgk ikan

n si mak tukang membebel bila tank ikan koto n berbau hahahahha

arLene said...

kann...yana excited bagi makan jer...mikhail just cudnt be bothered..hahaha

nanti bolehla kak moon citer pasal hobby plak kan :)