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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Opah jatuh :(

On the same nite as my office annual dinner, my aunty and her family takes opah out for dinner...on the way back to the car, opah insisted on walking by herself (we usually hold her arms)...suddenly her cane slipped and she fell and broke her aunty and uncle straight away bring her to HKL...and scheduled to undergo an operation to insert steel by monday morning...thanks to my uncle who whatsapp us on the progress...

queue to take xray...ok, i laugh when i see this..becoz usually we queue in line but here they queue by bed, side by side...ok, im bad...sory opah...just a little humor wont hurt right? opah kan rock!!

opah's most concern issue...not the pain but the boredom of waiting in the hospital...the last time she was warded in a hospital was 43 years ago giving birth to my pakcu...
preparing for OT

Ainon (eye) - pre operation

in front of the Operation Theater

During Operation

Alhamdulillah, the opeartion done in 2 hours

bila tanya opah macamana? dia tunjuk "good" sign

lutut dah masuk besi and bersimen...a week later bukak simen...

i just now know that hospital pun ada serve spageti bolognese yaww...sodapp

2 skru yang support lutut opah sekarang...opah kena pantang pantang means tak boleh pijak langsung kaki berskru tuh selagi lutut belum sembuh...we do carry her out on wheelchair some time, and i bought her a book supaya dia tak kebosanan...

opah dah ready nak discharge...yeayyy!!! moga opah cepat sembuh and boleh kita eksesais sama2 ye opah...

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