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Monday, April 21, 2014

Zana in labor room right now. Please pray for her. Thanks :)

My sis, zana is in labor room right now...asked her husband how is she and he said she's doing fine...this is her 3rd admission after 2 false labor signals...1st timer kann...i also had false labor turn to kencing kotor before i had mikhail via csec...her actual due date is tomorrow...its a mixed feeling for me...she's my baby sister, whom i really care when nobody around us care for us...she's my go to person when i have problems and vice matter how bad we got into fight, there's no need to apologize...we just brush it off just like that and back to happy mode going to visit her this afternoon with my kids...thought of visiting her this lunch hour but then i'll just leave her with her husband and for her to get some rest...later i'll bring the kids to see their new cousin...

jom sama2 doa untuk zana...Ya Allah permudahkan baginya melahirkan zuriatnya ke dunia...Kau berikan dia kekuatan dan ketabahan dalam melahirkan khalifahMu...

yana the other day suddenly came to me looking like this...she said, "nampak macam aunty adik tak mummy? yana punya perut ada baby girl..." luckily it was just a joke...hehehehe *senyum sambil mata pandang kiri kanan berjaga2*

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