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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

what my parents are up to right now

both of my parents baru balik dari melancong...wah3...mentang2 dah tak keje...hehehe...of course to different destination (do i need to remind that they were divorced?) abah officially retired 2 years ago but continue to work on contract that the company didn't renew his contract, he's a free man...but knowing him, he cannot stay still...ada jer menda nak name it...cycling, fishing, jungle trekking, golfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and he said he really wanna try sky go abah!! (nervous for myself) and now he's really into mount climbing...

he was in Kathmandu, Nepal last 2 week...he would update us on his activity thru whatsapp...macam seronok jer but im not the outdoor type of person...tengok bolehlaa...Alhamdulillah he's fit to do all those activity he likes...he doesn't have any serious health issue, just some diabetic genetic from my he have to be cautious with what he eats and thats it...mind you, he's the oldest in the group tau...yet, he finished the course earlier than some of the younger climbers...proud of you abah!!!

ececeh...selfie al candid nampak


some of his messages

like a little kid playing with snowwww...i just bought nortface insulated glove for his belated birthday last month!!! (i know, im bad) and he could use it while hiking in the cold weather...

ok, now my mom pulak...she bought tickets to Ho Chi Minh at Matta Fair last month...she got RM400++ deal for 4days 3 nights for hotel and flight kan? my mom memang a sucker for good deals...i guess now i know where i got my traits when buying sis zana would mock me for buying too much just to get free stuff or great deal...wait till she have bigger family, im sure she will be like us...hahaha

anyway, mak pegi dengan fina...and she have some friends over there not too much worry there...she did ask me if i want anything, but i nih jenis cerewet bab kirim lainla kalau orang i just said have fun there and be careful...she whatsapp us saying the coffee there are the best, better than starbucks...she even have coffee session with my cousin who happen to travel there too for work...and my cousin tu who work for starbuck pun, as a coffee addict, im waiting patiently for mine...hehehe

i swear if i ever come here, i wont go into this frens who went there say the hole ngam2 fit your body so no turning back...move forward jer...dahla panjang plak tuh...i imagine what if suddenly my stomache bloated and i stuck in there...memang kena galilaa lubang nih nak keluarkan aku...huhuhu

see...rugged mak aku dengan seluar camouflagenyer...can see that both my parents are the active kinda people tapi apsal aku n zana macam lembik jer eh? memang malas sangat nak join outdoor activity nih...i think pegi theme park naik rides is the most adventorous i can be...that explains my co-curicular that i joined back in Uni years - Seni Lukis...duduk2 tepi padang, lukis pokok....hehehe...

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