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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

kak moon, tulunnnn

Assalamualaikum :)

tried to change my blog background. though i love the mint flower pattern, i thought i need more colours to cheer up my blog just like my cheerful life...hahaha

babai old blog layout...thank you for making my blog look sweet for a 30plus woman...

so i have choose this paisley colorful layout but when i display my blog, it turn out to be like this. half old half new. i do it wrongly? i just followed the instruction :- add gadget, select html/java, paste the coding and save. anyone can help me with this? kak moon...tulunnn...


Nurhidayu said...

Woww...bab2 ni aku tak reti la

aLin arLene said...

dulu pnh buat, tapi x ingat dah camna..huuu

Miss Moon said...

haha la napa jadi cam nih hahhahahah
ada tgk kat html tak
akak bab background nih fail jugak
sebab tuh la bertahun tak tuka hahahhahah