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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

because of that sneakers

Assalamualaikum :)

nak borak2 jer harini...perempuan nih kan banyak nafsu kan...tengok ni nak, tengok tu nak, duit jer taknak beranak2...hahaha...ok, not funny...anyway, ingat tak yang aku pegi times square bawak anak2 main kat indoor theme park tuh? haa, masa nak balik tuh sempatlaa usha2 kedai2 fashion kat situ...sambil lalu tuh mata laju scan...makin laju cikgu tolak stroller, makin juling mata tengok...hahaha...anyway, we stopped at few shops to buy yana's slippers and ariq's cap...suddenly cikgu ask me, why i never wear sneakers like that? don't i like them? 

at that time i said its not practical to wear that kind of shoes for a mom like me...when i'm running around chasing after my kids, i shouldn't be busy tying up my shoelaces...lepas tu habis kat situ jelaa...he probably doesn't even remember he asked me that...tapi perempuan nih ada naluri and it says its not just a simple means more than that...hahaha...women and their complex mind...mulalaa fikir macam2...i kept it to myself for few days...then i ask my frens what does it mean? 

does it means i'm getting old, i should look young wearing youngsters fashion item?
does it means he's watching the young girls and attracted to their fashion?
does it means he's bored with the way i look?

the downside of same age couple like us is that the husband usually look much younger...20 years ago, we may look compatible for each other tapi makin lama makin nampak kita jauh berbeza...being a woman tak senang...nak kena jaga kulit, jaga badan...dahlaa urat banyak putus masa bersalin, collagen banyak hilang, kulit jadi kendur, now fashion pun nak kena up to date or you will look like you're going out with your younger brother...selain up to date, haruslaa syariah compliance jugak...umur nak cecah 35 nih, patut dah bolehlaa tinggalkan yang ketat2, jarang2 tuh...but a pair of sneakers won't hurt kan...i've been googling fashion style for 30s, casual look for 30s, how to style sneakers, hahaha...i'm a sucker i know...and mostly the looks doesn't suit me as hijabi...ok, tu semua godaan syaitoonnnn...i'm never gonna take off my hijab, InshaaAllah...kuatkanlah imanku ya Allah...but i'm still searching for the right style for me and our Malaysia hot weather...these are some that i like...rasanya sesuai tak with my age? wanna look young but don't wanna look trying too know what i mean? sepp sket!!!

who doesn't know vivy of gfashionvalet right? dia memang kecik molek anddd still young...belum 30 pun...bukan semua style dia flatter every body shape but this one nampak simple...boleh tukar heels tu dengan sneakers kan?

ni pun cantik but saya ada perut so this style not suitable for me...maybe kena tukar top yang lebih longgar

sematnyer jeans dia...tapi malas pulak nak kena pakai legging kat dalam...

30s. wearing this? cute but kenapa aku rasa cam tak sesuai?

comel gak pakai straight skirt macam 2 nih...this look is much better without the tucked in shirt

boyfriend jeans and long cardigan...must have item in my revamp wardrobe list...

she look 30s. and she look effortlessly chic...

anyway, most of my frens told me not to overthink about it but do give the sneakers a try...ok, jom cuci mata...

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