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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

check up, bye bye Dr Rahman

just got back from meeting my gynea this morning. Alhamdulillah, baby's doing fine. Altho a bit dissappointed that we couldn't confirm the gender today. today also is the last day for our check up with Dr rahman. simply becoz i wanted to start my check up with female dr at Al-Islam. i really like Dr Rahman becoz of his wide experience, his expertise (most of the medicine suggested is based on his experience, not "in the book" as he say. he deliver 3 of cikgu's cousins and 2 of my siblings. just imagine how long he have been an obgyn) and he's like a father figure to us. call me shallow but i still cannot imagine myself being checked down there by another man. plus, he only does c-sec procedure at kpj tawakal which will cost us almost rm10k *gulp*. dahlaa takleh claim sesen pun. however, before we leave i thank him and said insyaAllah we will come again to see him for my 3rd pregnancy. ntah bilala tuh. hehehe. so next month we will be seeing Dr Ros or Dr Norlida at Al-Islam pulak. that time i can ask almost any question that hit my mind including those intimate thingy. yes, im shy like that. and of cos with diabetic history in my family, im sure that i have to go thru "poke in the arms for bloodtest" 4 times in a day! haisyh...tadah jelaa tangan ni.


ayu said...

Al Islam kat mana ye? kg baru ekkk?

eh tau tak, ashra dah bersalin 10hb hari boy..bestnya dah sepasang..

arLene said...

haah. dulu known as Kg baru Medical Centre. tau ash bersalin induce 12hb katanya dalam blog tapi alin takde add dia kat fb so taktau bila exact date n kat mana. ayu pegi visit ker?