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Monday, March 24, 2014

a good long chat

last week i had a good loooong chat with my sis, zana...we just had to stop because suddenly her legs got cramped...ahhh, the beauty of preggers...hehehe

anyway, mostly we talked about girl stuff, work (of course that kelly was one of it, duhh??!!) and our plan for the future...she really concern about that lunatic in my ofis and insist i resign from here...actually i have been thinking about that...but if i were to resign, i dun wanna work anywhere else but be my own other word, business...but right now im not that brave to take the risk of up and downs in business...i know i can rely on my husband but i dun like the idea of being a burden to him...and i would like to contribute to my family whenever and however i can...holding your own money is not the same as to rely on your lucky to have cikgu that always support me in whatever i do but still, i can't take his money more than i should. plus, i still have credit card debt, study loan and housing loan to pay...

we, that's me and zana was thinking enrolling into one of those baking/cooking class and treat the business as parttime before i make the big decision whether to do it fulltime or not...she said i have the talent coz i do like arts when i was in school but creativity is something i have left long time ago...i have few baker friends and i can see how they struggle to meet many of their customers needs...many customers = many kerenah...and their end result, beautiful...i dunno if i ever be as same level as we are thinking of going to sewing is something that i like since i was designer have been in my report book as my ambition...i used to handsewn all my ERT project...imagine doing baju kurung kedah dengan jelujuq haluih bak hangggg...juling2 mata tau...i would brought back my frens art homework just becoz i like to do it again n again...i also used to help zana with her art why do i work in boring financing company in the 1st place huh? ermmm...must be becoz of the pay...and the superconvenient transport to/from work to/from home...i guess we can't have everything that we want kan?

am gonna update my resume and start searching for new opportunity...10 years here is such a long time...maybe this is one of the petanda Allah bagi...need to move on...wish me luck!!!

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