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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

should i be worried?

ariana dah 8 months++...but everytime i see her, i feel like she's still in her second or third month...until now dia cuma meniarap depan ke belakang pun belum...she also cannot sit on her own...tapi kalau i put her in a babychair kat restaurant, bolehla duduk coz she rely on her bam bam body laying on the chair...other babies at her age sudah boleh panjat2 dah...should i be worried?other than that she's perfectly healthy...i know that different babies with different development stages but still i cant help feel a bit concern about it...haiz...


Mummy AwwalHariz said...

alin, nothing to be worried... each bb have their owb milestones...

aRLene said...

thanks mummy awwalhariz. biasala anak pertama. rasa risau tuh susah nak diketepikan...huuu