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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pending entry : dot dot dots

oh, aku ada hutang 1 post untuk korang. dulu aku ada cakap yang aku tengah collect barang2 polka dots (later will be refer as pdots) and i will post a special entry about it. now only i have the mood to talk it out. since i have a daughter, i have grew to like pdots prints. maybe becoz at that time whenever i wandering around window shopping for the yet to be born ariana, all the cute teeny tiny clothes, socks, blankets, and many more are mostly with pdots. babies and pdots is like inseparable. then i found more and more pdots prints outfit and stuff for grown ups. yup. there's some for me too! me and ariana even have a baju kurung with similar pdots prints. you dont know how i react when i found it. terloncat2 aku kat kedai tuh. seronot!

see, its almost the same right? told ya!

so, gradually i collected pyjamas, blouses, shawls, shirts, shoes and a few other stuff. until now, i still dont feel bored of the pdots yet. i still wanna see how far i would go with the prints. here are some of the things that i manage to snap the pic.


leggings, shoes, blankets, pillow case


baju kurung

pyjamas. ada lagi but didnt have time to search for the softcopy


i have another 2 black shawl with pink dots


umbrella that already lost yesterday. i left it in a cab. sob. sob.

i still have few things on my target. still havent got the bedsheet, nice n schick carpet, curtains, toilettries, stationaries, yada yada yada. too bad i cannot think of any pdots stuff for my husband though. i can't buy pdots shirt even if the dots is only teeny tiny dots. he is not that metrosexual kind of thingy. any idea?

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