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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

inilah padahnya kalau tak reti

its only 5 days away to submit my e-filing. this is my 1st time doing it. no experience at all. i wanna ask alan but he also never submit e-filing before. pffttt. salah sapa skarang nih? i tried to fill in whatever details that i can think of. but the particular details about my exact amount of life insurance, medical coverage, contribution to certain organization i leave it blank as i'm not sure how much it is. hey, they said MUST DECLARE THE TRUTH right? so as i was clicking2 "save & continue" while skipping the "i'm not sure" part, i key in my ic no, my password and PHOOFFF!!! Your application have been submitted. ALAMAK! terlepas sudah (dengan intonasi ala2 stacy; terlebih sudah) hmmm...what to do? have anybody encounter the same problem as mine? can we log in again and modify/edit whatsoever? if can't then can i claim for next year tax declaration? please help...somebody? anybody?

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