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Friday, November 4, 2011

i'm in love

the other day i read thepinkstilettos' review about this beauty here. so, i went to guardian to have a look. wallah. it is love at first try. its very easy to apply, u dun have to dip into the ink like some other liquid eyeliner to reapply, therefore no shaky-hands-coz-the-ink-is-out so the line is not crooked. and the best part is its very easy to clean. usually i would have the raccoon eye after the 1st wash then i will have to clean again with baby oil/makeup remover. this one, guna air pun boleh. no more smudge. see, model tuh siap lukis corak lagi. cantik kan?

u see, i like to wear eye makeup. wearing eye makeup makes my face look fresh if not prettier :P takde lipstik, blusher, no problemo but takde mascara boleh buat hilang mood nak datang ofis. my most basic makeup is tinted moisturizer+baby powder+mascara. thats it. and if i want more, i'll apply eyeliner. usually pencil eyeliner coz its easier to control. thats what i think back then. now, i have found my new love.

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