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Friday, April 20, 2012

one of the moments when mummy feel very proud...

this is ariana sofia. when she say out loud her name, it will be ayana copia. she's like any other 27 months old toddler who likes to sing, talking her own languange, dancing, eating junkfood, playing with her toys, read books (altho to be correct, looking at the pic and create her own story in her own languange), drinking milk, teasing mummy n babah, copy whatever we say, making people laugh, making people angry, throw tantrums, spill food and drinks on the floor, kissing baby mikhail in mummy's tummy and many more than sometimes mummy just lost count. she can count 1 to 10 in english n malay but still dun recognize numbers and alphabets, thanks to busy mummy. she'll sang ABC - "e e e e" coz to her it all sounded the same.

but last nite, when mummy busy watching tv (yeah, rite...mummy bukan busy, mummy pemalas lipas) she did something on her own...mummy thought she was playing with toys but when mummy heard ariana complain "isyh...isyhhh...camana nih..." then only mummy realize she is completing the ABC puzzle that was bought long time ago. and half of it was done. all by herself. mummy help ariana with the confusing letter that looks alike. ariana beam when mummy say "pandai" everytime she gets a letter correct making her wanna do it over n over again. and then when babah's home from tuition, mummy tells him about it and ariana get a reward - a strawberry sundae at 11pm. how cool is that?

sambil wat puzzle, sambil membebel

selecting the alphabet randomly

magnetic puzzle yang murah jer...RM11.90 from a kedai runcit

the letter S is very confusing. pusing kot mana pun sama jer but why it cannot fit? mummy, explain!

yeay, just few letters left

chicits the loyal companion

the reward...nyummm...


Putri Nur Suhaily said...

pandai la yana... sedap aiskrim tue... nak sikit boleh?

arLene said...