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Monday, April 2, 2012

packed weekend

pheww...what a weekend. been busy with weddings and relative gatherings. my relatives from penang turun so, harus grab the opportunity to mingle around. orang jauh, bukan selalu dapat jumpa. my kazen-pejai whose currently been working outstation from one country to another since his engagement suddenly decide to get married last friday! cer bayangkan dapat such short notice just 4 days before that!!! masa engagement harituh they just said probably between april n june. nak amik cuti pun tak sempat. so his solemnization on friday morning only accompanied by his immediate family, uncles and aunties. kazens semua yilek pocik. oh, ariana pegi wakilkan kami. ada gak kan? hehehe.

so, we manage to go for the wedding ceremony held at dewan keramat mall that nite. bayangkan i had to sneak out from the office 1 hour earlier to settle everything. kebetulan pulak on that day jugak pu3 amn0 suh collect barang pulak kat pejabat before 6pm or i will have to collect them at shah alam. eh, tak kuasa mak. tapi bukanlaa sneak out betul2. sempatla inform colleague n immediate boss. balik laju2, singgah pejabat amn0 pikap barang then laju2 balik rumah pulak sebab makcik nak hantar ariana awal coz dia pun nak bersiap kan. siap laju2 coz nanti nak pikap mak n adik2 pulak on the way ke dewan. we are the last to arrive amongst our big family. pengantin pun dah duduk bersanding atas pelamin. but it was worth it. the food was delicious, the altar was beautiful, we manage to catch up with the rest of our relatives, even i have a kazen yang duduk dekat tapi raya pun tak sempat jumpa. tau2 anak dia dah besar dah. and the most important, the bride n groom are happy.

we were placed at the front corner of the hall near the buffet table. with so much space at the back, apalagi, for little kids, jadi tempat berkejar2 and for girls (ehem, saya pun kategori girls jugaklaa eh) time to camwhorelaa. we had so much fun. i didnt know that keramat mall (which supposed to be the new pasar keramat) had a hall as big as this. i mean cantikla dewan dia n memang sesuai sangat untuk wat wedding. with lots of parking space. memang moleklah. cuma sesat sket masa memula nak carik lif. the guards there said that it is fully booked up to end of this year. i guess my kazen's in laws are lucky huh? or maybe thats y they choose friday night.

my kazen's side of ceremony pulak on saturday night. wat simple jer. pasang khemah dekat padang depan rumah. takde pelamin as it was only the groom side after all. more like a small kenduri. ok gak buat malam coz its not too hot so we got to enjoy ourselves. pun best sebab lebih rileks n dapat kumpul dengan my family. hey, i am the family kinda person. i mean sukalaa kenduri2 nih. dengar gosip, perkembangan, penguncupan masing2, hehehe. and i was being paid extra attention especially because im pregnant. seronok jer dengar all the tales about pregnancy from them. ariana pun tak kurang seronok. memang bercak kuncaklaa 2 malam tuh. tido malam memang tak bangun2 mintak susu dah. bagus.

on sunday pulak i brought my kazens from penang n his family naik lrt. tak jalan jauh sangat pun. just from my house to klcc, had lunch there, pusing2 jap then balik. itupun riuh lrt tuh dengan suara anak2 dia. dahlaa ada slang penang. "tuu diaa...." :P cute jer. takleh nak jalan2 sangat coz my kazen tuh pun nak balik penang petang tuh jugak kang penat pulak dia nak, itulaa citer weekend. all in all penat tapi seronok. anyway, macam biasa, gambar later on baru boleh upload. nih cuma citer briefly jer. (err, brief ker nih sampai few paragraph??!!)

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