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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i loike!!!

mesti korang dah tau yang ariana is not on full breastmilk...sometimes because of my laziness, she have to gargle down formula...tapi every week, i'm looking forward for friday coz on weekend or public holiday, she will only breastfeed and NO formula at all...i love it very much the time we spent coz i feel like i'm providing my doter the best she should get...every morning before arrive at babysitter, i will make sure she had her breakfast in the's our favourite place...lagipun, dengan stok yang tak cukup, at least morning dia dah breakfast susu mummy dia...

after each feeding, she will pull away and then looking at me while smiling...if i pretend not looking at her, she will wait and the moment i look at her, she will smile even's like she's saying...mmmm...its very yummy, mummy...i loike!!! at night, when she breastfeeding (while sleeping) she is more patient to wait for the letdown...and then i can hear her breathe became heavier and it means she is getting more...and when she finish, she pull away, i will place her back to sleep n she will make a sound like hmmm...macam puas sangat...hehehe...

oh, i dun burp her right away after each feed coz bigger baby burp easier plus breastfed baby isn't more likely to get colic due to no air inserting their stomach...kalau cuti panjang lagi best macam cuti raya harituh...6 days straight no iyak keras...hmmm...can't wait for this friday!!!

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