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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AFTER that scary moments...

since the incident in wangsa walk the other day, ariana have been vomits after mikl at 5am yesterday and 6am this morning. i dun understand why coz all this while she consume her milk with no problem at all. we only feed her 6oz of milk every 2-3 hours. its not too much for her age as other babies at that age would take about 9-10oz per serving. at first she would cry for her milk then i will wake up and prepare it then after halfway thru, she would crinkle her brows then rejected it. then she would cry and i just dunno what to do. the milk was as usual. not warmer nor colder. i tried to rub the ointment to her stomache, change her diaper and that won't stop her cry as well. then she suddenly stop crying, look blank and blurt out the milk.

this morning, i have prepared a plastic bag just in case. well mother's instinct usually correct. unlike yesterday, the whole bedsheet and myself had vomits all over the place. the doctor only give us medicine to stop the vomit and a few sachet of O.R to rehydrate her body. other than that she's just happy an active as usual. hmmm...should i be worried or i'm just paranoid? my poor baby. i really hope that we somehow could communicate then maybe i could understand what she's been going thru. i don't mind she's late to walk as old people said a child that speak first will walk later than the rest. i don't mind that.

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