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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

buntu fikiran

these few days have been a hectic. at least for me. i dun even remember what i do on saturday. what i remember is i have been to GH every day except sunday to visit my tokwan. thanks to my superior for being so understanding when i get back to the office way later than i supposed to and when i need to go back early to catch the visiting hour in the afternoon. on sunday i had this umno conference thingy that i have to attend (i will post an entry later about it) from morning till 2pm. by the time i reach home, i was so exhausted i just rest at my mom's as alan n ariana are also there.

on monday morning i can feel that my body aching but i force myself to get up and bathe. and guess what? a rat came out from the back of the basin and ran around the bathroom. i was screaming at the top of my lungs while yank open the bathroom door so that it would get out but hey, why must the rat get out when it can hav more fun with this lady ey? stupid rat ran back to the back of the basin and hide in a hole behind it where nobody can reach it. so i have to continue bathing with the door open and my eyes fix to the hole. and because of my reflex action, my right side of the body aching even more. so i decide to take mc. BUT the doctor told me that its just a muscle pain. i should be able to work coz "i work in the office, not hard labour". i said i still need the mc as it was already 11am and he said ok, but next time cannot. pffftttt what everla.

But mc pun tak rehat coz I have to go to GH after receive sms about tokwan being critical. thats the 1st time i drive our new mpv. menggigil jugak nak masuk town dengan mpv nih. parking susah giler. masuk a few parking spot takde gak kosong. i almost ran over a pakcik on his bike. SORRY PAKCIK. i even drive over a divider while make a turn. luckily no scratch. lastly i park beside a construction site and leave my number on the wind screen and when i went back my car have been clamped. bayar jela RM50. then after maghrib I receive another sms as tokwan is critical again. alan had to cancel his tuisyen class to take care ariana.

on tuesday pulak i came to the office and a branch called said that we lost his clients cheques. Supposedly dah sampai HR tapi takde. come onlaa...i dun need this kind of thing at this time. We tried to trace step by step but then buntu. Macamana cheque boleh hilang nih? n gd3x said they didn’t send any docs to the company. And my colleague pulak takde rekod whether we send out ke tak. So, aku ker yang tak pass kat mailing? Habis tuh mana? menggagau carik 1 ofis. Semua pun carik kat tempat masing2 mana tau terselit bawah dapur. eh. and this morning the HR called balik bagitau dah jumpa pulak. hampeh tul.

As for now my tokwan still at GH. weak but stable. his oxigen and sugar level in his blood was very low. He’s not allowed to eat or drink. Sian atok. He’s thirsty but we only allowed to drip a few drop of water just to wet his lips. Luckily we have a big family. We rotate to take care atok. but I’m a bit sad I couldn’t take part coz beranak kecik. I would go there whenever I got the chance. guys, please pray for my atok ye.

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