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Friday, May 20, 2011


i like to multitask. at the office, i would open a few windows ; work related, entertainment i.e blogs, info i.e googling stuff, games, and stupid system. why? because of the stupid system that we use that keep loading for 10-15 seconds every single time we click it. every transaction or process we need to click at least 10-15 times to get the result so you do the math. that's y. 10-15 seconds is very valuable for a very busy (ehem) person like me. those 15 seconds i could type a sentence in my blog. or while its loading, i could play a step for spider solitaire or winlinez. i could also delete/re arrange my emails, i could read a blog, i could run to the photocopy machine, i could fax, the list go on and on.

at home i would boil water while cook ariana's porridge while laundry while making the bed. then i would sweep the floor or wash the bottles while kejap2 lari pegi kacau bubur. alan will help me to babysit ariana coz that's the only way i can do the work peacefully. i used to brag to alan how fast i can do housechores. hehe. actually tak guna pun brag coz i think its women's thing to multitask. but what most people dunno is that i tend to be clumsier (means at normal pace pun memang dah clumsy) when i'm in a hurry. i ended up doing more work than what i supposed to do. more spills, more things drop from my hand, have to swipe the food off the floor, re cook the porridge coz its burnt akibat leka, bla bla bla.

nowadays 24 hours seems not enough. evrything must be done quickly. just look at those contestants in masterchef sudah. saspen tengok diorang sebelah tangan kacau ini, sebelah lagi kacau itu, sambil goreng nih, blend ini, cincang itu. no wonder ramai yang cedera at the 1st round. sapa tengok masterchef US harituh? paling rimas tengok mike tuh. kelam kabut sungguh. i like the winner. sapa nama dia? yang budak southern tuh. tak ingatla. cool jer. kalau bz pun dia focus giler. takde pun lari lintang pukang. very humble. memang puas hatilaa dia menang. yg 2nd place tuh berlagak. dari awal lagi. muka smirk jer. senyum eksyen. eh, aku nak citer pasal multitasking nih melalut ke masterchef plak. multi entry lak. hehe.

nih pun tengah buat keje gak nih while typing nih. aku rasa women memang tererlaa multitasking nih sumer kan? just look at housewives. i salute all housewives coz they can handle the children, while doing housechores on DAILY BASIS. aku yang jadi housewife on weekend pun dah tak larat. 2 hari cukupla nak mengemas segala. lebih2, aku kiv kan ajer.

p/s : Alhamdulillah atok dah makin stabil. tadi pegi hospital dia dah mula cakap2. cakap banyak lak tuh. hehehe. katanya nak makan pecal bila dah sembuh. nak "sapu" semua. cewah...

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