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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

weekend and THAT scary moment

phewww, what a weekend. well, actually my weekend are not THAT exciting. just the normal stuff. eating, watching tv, lepaking. on saturday went to a wedding with my parents in law and met my father n my aunty n my other siblings. what a small world. not because we met at the wedding coz we kinda DID plan to meet up. but it is the coincidence that the bride's mom is both my MIL's and my father's fren. she is my mil's school fren and my father's ex-colleague. you see, when i n alan going to get married, she received invitation cards from both of our sides. so she called my mil and inform this. since then whenever my mil talk about her, she would remind who she was. "acik zailan, ko kenal kan? alaa, yang keje sama ngan abah ko tuh...yang bla bla bla..." (errmmm, my mil likes to rererepeat things over and over no matter you've heard it or not) sometimes its kinda cute. ok, enuf bout that.

and that afternoon my in laws all went back to melaka coz they need to send alan's sister to muar the next morning. then alan also have to go to his school coz he have this co-curiculum things going on and he will only be back on sunday noon. so i drove me and ariana to my mom's and have a sleepover. on sunday, we didn't go anywhere except for a late dinner after we battle with ariana's constipation. poor baby. on saturday she didn't poop at all and i kinda guessed that she will hav problems the next day. i have feed her with water, prune juice and papaya. it took her the whole day to squeeze those BIG bombs one at a time. 1 in the morning, 1 at noon, 1 before dinner and the last on monday morning (hey, its a song title. monday morning. hehe).

had to carry her and rub her back

poor baby sweating after pooping

after that she's happy just to get hold of that chopstick

mummy, look! i wanna poke the chopstick into my mouth

gotcha! i'm kidding...hehehe....

trying again...

kidding again. hahaha

then on monday after lazing around until 3pm, i decided to go for karaoke. one of our hobbies back when we are two. we only went to wangsa walk as it is the nearest one that i could think of. but eventhough there are 2 karaoke centre, we had to take a number and wait. there's no way we're gonna wait. so we just brought ariana to play on those rides thing. after few rides, we decided to go home. thats when ariana suddenly vomitted her milk and look very pale. outside the building it is heavily raining. ariana look even worst when she vomits again. and this time she looks like she wanna faint. at first i and alan decide to bring her to the nearest clinic but then we change to al-islam specialist instead when her lips turn blueish and her face a bit yellowish. . while in the car, we kept calling her names and checked her heartbeat constantly. all those scary thoughts that i don't even dare to say come into my mind. inside the car she close her eyes and move a bit when we called her names. we don't know if she was fainted or sleeping.

arrived at al-islam, we go straight to the emergency and explained ourselves. the nurse said she probably have to be admitted but i ask ariana to be checked by a doctor before decide on anything. Alhamdulillah, she's actually sleeping because she's a bit weak after vomits several times. doctor said she may eat wrongly (i cooked her lunch, remember? huh. i feel bad) and she will be ok. before we went back she woke up and start chit chatting like there's nothing happen. hisyh, she really make us panicked for a while. i even had tear when i talked to the doctor. i just can't imagine anything bad happen to my baby. like malay says "simpang malaikat 44" don't know why they say that. or the chinese says "touchwood" still don't understand the meaning of it. but still, mintak dijauhkan.

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