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Thursday, May 26, 2011

tak sukalaa rasa macam ni wei...

lately i feel lost. deep in my heart rasa macam ada jer yang tak kena. ntahla. macam ada benda tak siap/tak complete/tak bagus. korang pernah rasa macam tuh tak? i told that to alan but he said maybe because i didn't get to watch glee this week. pffttt. apa kena mengena pulak kan? but, when come to think about it mungkin jugak.

i mean its not the end of the world la kalau tak tengok tv pun but my schedule this week have been a chaos. i didn't go back home as usual, didn't pick up ariana as usual, skipped a few dinner, missed a few favourite tv show (not that i really care pun), but i used to do things on scheduled. i mean, i usually have tons and tons of list things to do in my hp. things to buy, things to pay monthly, things to do when i'm rich. ehh. i even hav my escape plan kalau sentap ngan alan. hehehe. nak tipu pun kena plan kalau tak, tak jadi.

i'm not good at handling urgent/ emergency things. and that's what happen on monday. remember? besides that this week i also received a few bad news. like my tokwan, my bff's miscarriage, my lil ariana demam on and off. even this morning i came late to the office to bring ariana to see paed coz last nite her fever shoot up to 39.8 degree. tido pun tak cukup nih. haiz, banyaknyer merungut!!! tak suka!!! tak suka rasa macam nih lama2. hopefully everything will turn out fine...

...or i'm the one who will collapse.

1 comment:

AkieZecky said...

relax okey.. insyaallah everything will be okey...