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Monday, May 9, 2011

takde citer apapun. pasal our weekend jer...

last week asyik nak marah2 jer. agaknya korang pikir apekehal alin nih. tapi sekarang dah tak marah2 lagi. pasal 2 beradik lemas tuh, aku tumpang sedih. tengok gambar diorang, teringat anak sendiri. aku rasa most mak2 pun akan rasa macam tuh. kecuali mak2 (boleh panggil mak ker?panggil pompuanla, takpun betty na) yang memang tergamak nak membuang anak tuh. golongan tuh mungkin tak rasa apa2laa...thats y i said MOSTly. its not for evrybody.

ok2, enuf bout that. takmo marah2 dah. i have a lot to be grateful. firstly ariana dah fully recover. no more vomit, no more diarhea. oh, aku tak sempat citer yang on thursday harituh my aunty called me and said ariana vomit after most of her meal, and she got diarhea about 5 times on that day. as i dunno any paed that opens after office hour, my colleague suggested i go to Klinik Kanak2 Ong at ampang. it is at Ampang Point area, alongside with kenny rogers. u cud see the kenny rogers from the main road. deret rhb gak. after work, i went home, pack some things-pampers, milk, wipes, the usual a mummy would bring and fetch ariana on the way to the clinic.

the doc said she probably ate something that upset her stomache and that day it got worsen and that's why it started the diarhea. he gave us prebiotik-good bacteria to fight those bad bacteria, ubat muntah, smecta-to repair her stomache after several times poo poo and few sample of pediasure to increase her body weight. he said ariana is underweight. i tried to giv her the milk. it tasted yummy with vanilla flavor but she refuse to take it. i giv her her own milk but she refuse it too. maybe she tot that i tried to persuade her the vanilla milk again. kesian dia. since 6.30pm her last milk, at 11pm baru dia nak susu. itupun dia minum 2oz jer. then middle of the nite 2 oz lagi. she really likes the prebiotik tho. tak payah susah2 nak paksa dia telan. she's willingly open her mouth and suck the syringe macam tak cukup pulak. it taste like concentrated vitagen. sedap jer ubat budak2 nih. oh, i really like the doc as he explained very clear the things we laymen don't understand. i would definitely make it as my panel after this. not that i hope ariana would get sick, but u know what i mean, rite?

on friday ariana langsung tak muntah n diarhea. lega. on saturday, we just lazing around as alan have to go to school. ada sekolah ganti pulak. petang tuh after alan came home, we went to the tailor at kg. padang balang to book our baju kurung for raya and kenduri. this is the 1st time ariana book a baju kurung because i don't think that i could ever find a grey baju kurung for baby. yepp, thats our theme this year. so dull...well i'll have to make it not dull by adding a little color to it. we'll see...(i wanna upload a few pic but hav to wait for alan to transfer them from his hp to my thumbdrive)

and on sunday we go to alpha angle for lunch where ariana bought me a flower. awwww (ehem, thanks hub) and we head off to my aunty's house at rawang. at first we wanna use our gps but since the gps couldn't set the address, we just ask my uncle. i just found out that when u wanna type the address, the gps will disable a few next alphabets to match the directory in their system. sangat keciwa. but its ok, the direction my uncle gave is clear and we reach there within 45 minutes.

balik jer rumah ariana terpengsan tido coz siang tuh dia cuma dapat nap tak sampai sejam. kitorang pun tumpanglaa lelap sebelah dia. sedar2 dah pukul 8pm! we only had burgers and the bread pudding that i baked earlier that day for dinner. yumm...

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